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Martin Amis
Partners of 
Martin Amis

British Author
Martin Amis

Martin Louis Amis




Thursday 25 Aug 1949

Martin Amis
Bio Details

Full name

Martin Louis Amis





Date of birth

Thursday 25 Aug 1949

Birth place

Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, UK



Editorial Assistant

Literary Editor (1977 - 1979)

Professor (2007 - 2011)


Oxford University : Exeter College, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, United Kingdom

Martin claims he owes his success as an author to his step mother, Elizabeth Jane Howard, who first introduced him to literature when he was a teenager when she gave him Jane Austen to read.

Martin Amis Siblings

Philip Amis


Sally Amis


James Boyd


other parent: Alastair Boyd

Partners of 
Martin Amis

Isabel Fonseca


2 children together


Antonia Chancellor


2 children together

married 1984
divorce circa 1992

Angela Gorgas

Broken Engagement

engaged from 1978
until 1981

Emma Soames


dated from about 1976
until 1977

Julie Kavanagh


relationship began circa 1974
until about 1976

Tina Brown CBE


dated from about 1972

Lamorna Seale


1 child together

Mary Furness


Claire Tomalin

Brief Liaison

Martin Amis Children

Delilah Jeary

born 1976 (ca.), age 42 (ca.)
with Lamorna Seale

Love Child of the Author Martin Amis

Louis Amis

born 1985, age 33 (approx.)
with Antonia Chancellor

Son of Author Martin Amis

Jacob Amis

born 1986 (ca.), age 32 (ca.)
with Antonia Chancellor

Son of Author Martin Amis

Fernanda Amis

born 1996 (ca.), age 22 (ca.)
with Isabel Fonseca

Daughter of the Author Martin Amis

Clio Amis

born 1999 (ca.), age 19 (ca.)
with Isabel Fonseca

Daughter of the Author Martin Amis

Martin Amis Partner(s) Other Children


Martin Amis Family

Martin Amis's parents:

Martin Amis's father was Kingsley Amis Martin Amis's mother was Hilly Boyd Martin Amis's step-father was Alastair Boyd

Martin Amis's former step-parents:

Martin Amis's former step-mother was Elizabeth Jane Howard CBE Martin Amis's former step-father is David Bailey

Martin Amis's children:

Martin Amis's daughter is Delilah Jeary Martin Amis's son is Louis Amis Martin Amis's son is Jacob Amis Martin Amis's daughter is Fernanda Amis Martin Amis's daughter is Clio Amis

Martin Amis's current partners:

Martin Amis's wife is Isabel Fonseca

Martin Amis's former partners:

Martin Amis dated Tina Brown CBE Martin Amis is the former fiance of Angela Gorgas Martin Amis had a relationship with Julie Kavanagh Martin Amis dated Tamasin Day-Lewis Martin Amis had a relationship with Mary Furness Martin Amis's former wife is Antonia Chancellor Martin Amis dated Emma Soames Martin Amis had an affair with Lamorna Seale Martin Amis had a brief liaison with Claire Tomalin Martin Amis dated Victoria Rothschild

Martin Amis's siblings:

Martin Amis's brother is Philip Amis Martin Amis's sister was Sally Amis Martin Amis's half-brother is James Boyd

Martin Amis's grandparents:

Martin Amis's grandfather was Leonard Bardwell Martin Amis's grandfather was William Amis Martin Amis's grandmother was Rosa Amis

Martin Amis's great grandparents:

Martin Amis's great grandfather was George Lucas Martin Amis's great grandmother was Jemima Lucas Martin Amis's great grandfather was Joseph Amis Martin Amis's great grandmother was Mary Amis

Martin Amis's former step-grandparents:

Martin Amis's former step-grandfather was David Howard Martin Amis's former step-grandmother was Kit Howard

Martin Amis's grandchildren:

Martin Amis's grandson is Isaac Jeary

Martin Amis's great uncles and aunts:

Martin Amis's great uncle was James Amis

Martin Amis's in laws:

Martin Amis's son in law is Matthew Jeary