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Arthur Somervell
Partner of 
Arthur Somervell

19th and early 20th Century British Composer
Arthur Somervell

Sir Arthur Somervell




Friday 05 Jun 1863


2 May 1937

Arthur Somervell
Bio Details

Full name

Sir Arthur Somervell





Date of birth

Friday 05 Jun 1863

Birth place

Windermere, The Lake District, UK

Date of death:

2 May 1937



Partners of 
Arthur Somervell

Edith Somervell


4 children together

1890 - 1937

Arthur Somervell Children

Antonia Somervell

born 1893, died 1988, age 95 (approx.)
with Edith Somervell

Aunty of the Novelist Elizabeth Jane Howard

Kit Howard

born 1895, died 1971, age 76 (approx.)
with Edith Somervell

Mother of the Novelist Elizabeth Jane Howard

Ronald Somervell

born 1900, died 1975, age 75 (approx.)
with Edith Somervell

Uncle of the Novelist Elizabeth Jane Howard

Hubert Somervell

born 1900, died 1962, age 62 (approx.)
with Edith Somervell

Unlce of the Novelist Elizabeth Jane Howard

Arthur Somervell Partner(s) Other Children


Arthur Somervell Family

Arthur Somervell's children:

Arthur Somervell's daughter was Antonia Somervell Arthur Somervell's daughter was Kit Howard Arthur Somervell's son was Ronald Somervell Arthur Somervell's son was Hubert Somervell

Arthur Somervell's former partners:

Arthur Somervell's former wife was Edith Somervell

Arthur Somervell's grandchildren:

Arthur Somervell's granddaughter was Elizabeth Jane Howard CBE Arthur Somervell's grandson is Colin Howard Arthur Somervell's grandson is Robin Howard

Arthur Somervell's great grandchildren:

Arthur Somervell's great granddaughter is Nicola Starks   Arthur Somervell's great great grandson is Daniel Asquith Arthur Somervell's great great granddaughter is Emily Asquith Arthur Somervell's great great granddaughter is Lucy Asquith

Arthur Somervell's former in laws:

Arthur Somervell's former son in law was David Howard