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Eva Peron
Eva Peron

Partners of 
Eva Peron

Juan Peron



Errol Flynn

Alleged Affair

1945 (aft.)

Porfirio Rubirosa

Alleged Affair

Eva Peron
Bio Details

Full name

Maria Eva Duarte de Peron

Maiden name

Maria Eva Duarte

Also known as

Eva Duarte

Evita Peron





Date of birth

Wednesday 07 May 1919

Birth place

Los Toldos, Argentina

Date of death:

26 Jul 1952

Place of death

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cause of death

Cervical Cancer


Actress (1935)

First Lady of Argentina (1946)

Started her own radio production company when she was around 20 called the Company of the Theater of the Air.
One of the most active First Ladies in history, she used her position to fight for women's rights in Argentina winning them the right to vote as well as legalising divorce. She also worked hard to improve the lives of the poor and was hailed a social champion, becoming a legend in Argentina after her untimely death in 1952.
Established the María Eva Duarte Social Help Foundation (renamed the Eva Perón Foundation) in 1948 to fight poverty in Argentina.
She was invited to run for Vice President of Argentina in 1951 but was bitterly opposed by the Peron's political enemies including the military.
Following her death, her husband had her body embalmed and placed on public display until 1955 when a military coup overthrew her husband's government.  The new regime relocated it to Italy where it was bueried under a false name before being returned to Juan Peron in 1971.   Following Juan coming out of exile in 1973 and his subsequent death in 1974, the body was finally returned to Argentina and placed in the Duarte family tomb.
Tim Rice and Andrew Loyd Webber's musical Evita was based on her life.

Eva Peron Siblings

Blanca Duarte de Alvarez Rodriguez


Elisa Duarte De Arrieta


Juan Duarte


Erminda Duarte


First Lady of Argentina 1946-1952
Eva Peron

Maria Eva Duarte de Peron




Wednesday 07 May 1919


26 Jul 1952


Eva Peron Family

Eva Peron's parents:

Eva Peron's father was Juan Duarte Eva Peron's mother was Juana Ibarguren

Eva Peron's former step-parents:

Eva Peron's former step-mother is Adela D'Uhart

Eva Peron's current partners:

Eva Peron's husband was Juan Peron

Eva Peron's former partners:

Eva Peron allegedly had an affair with Errol Flynn Eva Peron allegedly had an affair with Porfirio Rubirosa

Eva Peron's siblings:

Eva Peron's sister was Blanca Duarte de Alvarez Rodriguez Eva Peron's sister was Elisa Duarte De Arrieta Eva Peron's brother was Juan Duarte Eva Peron's sister was Erminda Duarte

Eva Peron's nieces and nephews:

Eva Peron's nephew is Juan Alvarez Rodriguez Eva Peron's niece is Cecilia Álvarez Rodríguez Eva Peron's niece is Blanca Álvarez Rodríguez Eva Peron's nephew is Justo Álvarez Rodríguez

Eva Peron's in laws:

Eva Peron's father in law was Mario Peron Eva Peron's mother in law was Juana Peron Eva Peron's brother in law was Mario Peron