Divorced Relationship facts

Engaged Aug 1961

Married about Sep 1961

Divorce about 1964

Russell Alquist

Russell Alquist

Other Partners

Professional Partners


Other Partners

Maxwell Caulfield



Michael Miklenda


Professional Partners

Juliet Mills Siblings

Hayley Mills


Jonathan Mills


British actress of stage and screen.
Juliet Mills

Juliet Maryon Mills

His Other Children

Children Together

Sean Alquist

born 1964, age 54 (approx.)

Her Other Children

Russell Alquist
Bio Details

Full name

Russell Alquist






Russell Alquist Family

Russell Alquist's children:

Russell Alquist's son is Sean Alquist

Russell Alquist's former partners:

Russell Alquist's former wife is Juliet Mills

Russell Alquist's former in laws:

Russell Alquist's former father in law was Sir John Mills Russell Alquist's former mother in law was Mary Hayley Bell Mills Russell Alquist's former sister in law is Hayley Mills Russell Alquist's former brother in law is Jonathan Mills Russell Alquist's former wife Juliet Mills's aunt in law was Annette Mills Russell Alquist's former grandfather in law was Lewis Mills Russell Alquist's former grandmother in law was Edith Mills

Juliet Mills
Bio Details


Juliet Mills Family

Juliet Mills's parents:

Juliet Mills's father was Sir John Mills Juliet Mills's mother was Mary Hayley Bell Mills

Juliet Mills's former step-parents:

Juliet Mills's former step-mother is Aileen Ogilvy

Juliet Mills's children:

Juliet Mills's son is Sean Alquist

Juliet Mills's current partners:

Juliet Mills's husband is Maxwell Caulfield Juliet Mills's husband is Michael Miklenda

Juliet Mills's former partners:

Juliet Mills's former husband is Russell Alquist

Juliet Mills's siblings:

Juliet Mills's sister is Hayley Mills Juliet Mills's brother is Jonathan Mills

Juliet Mills's nieces and nephews:

Juliet Mills's nephew is Jason Lawson Juliet Mills's nephew is Crispian Mills

Juliet Mills's grand nieces and grand nephews:

Juliet Mills's great nephew is Yeshava Mills Juliet Mills's great nephew is Harry Mills

Juliet Mills's grandparents:

Juliet Mills's grandfather was Lewis Mills Juliet Mills's grandmother was Edith Mills

Juliet Mills's uncles and aunts:

Juliet Mills's aunt was Annette Mills

Juliet Mills's cousins:

Juliet Mills's cousin was Molly Blake

Juliet Mills's first cousins once removed:

Juliet Mills's first cousin once removed is Susie Blake Juliet Mills's first cousin once removed is David Blake