Married Relationship facts

Married 1992

Actor, best known for UK TV series The Saint
Ian Ogilvy

Ian Raymond Ogilvy




Thursday 30 Sep 1943

Other Partners

Francesca Annis


affair from about 1991

Maria Aitken


affair from about 1981

Diane Hart


1 child together

married 1968
divorce 1983

Professional Partners


Other Partners

Professional Partners


Kitty Ogilvy

Kathryn Ogilvy

His Other Children

Titus Ogilvy

born 1969, age 49 (approx.)
with Diane Hart

Children Together

Her Other Children

Ian Ogilvy
Bio Details


Ian Ogilvy Family

Ian Ogilvy's parents:

Ian Ogilvy's father is Francis Ogilvy Ian Ogilvy's mother is Aileen Ogilvy

Ian Ogilvy's former step-parents:

Ian Ogilvy's former step-father was Sir John Mills

Ian Ogilvy's children:

Ian Ogilvy's son is Titus Ogilvy

Ian Ogilvy's current partners:

Ian Ogilvy has an affair with Maria Aitken Ian Ogilvy's wife is Kitty Ogilvy

Ian Ogilvy's former partners:

Ian Ogilvy had an affair with Francesca Annis Ian Ogilvy's former wife is Diane Hart

Ian Ogilvy's grandparents:

Ian Ogilvy's grandfather is Francis John Longley Ogilvy Ian Ogilvy's grandmother is Dorothy Ogilvy

Ian Ogilvy's former step-grandparents:

Ian Ogilvy's former step-grandfather was Lewis Mills Ian Ogilvy's former step-grandmother was Edith Mills

Ian Ogilvy's uncles and aunts:

Ian Ogilvy's uncle was David Ogilvy Ian Ogilvy's aunt-by-marriage is Herta Ogilvy

Ian Ogilvy's cousins:

Ian Ogilvy's cousin is David Fairfield Ogilvy

Kitty Ogilvy
Bio Details

Full name

Kathryn Ogilvy

Maiden name

Kathryn Holcomb

Also known as

Kathryn Boxleitner






Kitty Ogilvy Family

Kitty Ogilvy's children:

Kitty Ogilvy's step-son is Titus Ogilvy

Kitty Ogilvy's current partners:

Kitty Ogilvy's husband is Ian Ogilvy

Kitty Ogilvy's in laws:

Kitty Ogilvy's husband Ian Ogilvy's uncle in law was David Ogilvy Kitty Ogilvy's father in law is Francis Ogilvy Kitty Ogilvy's mother in law is Aileen Ogilvy Kitty Ogilvy's grandfather in law is Francis John Longley Ogilvy Kitty Ogilvy's grandmother in law is Dorothy Ogilvy Kitty Ogilvy's husband Ian Ogilvy's aunt-by-marriage is Herta Ogilvy