Affair Relationship facts

Affair from about 1981

Actor, best known for UK TV series The Saint
Ian Ogilvy

Ian Raymond Ogilvy




Thursday 30 Sep 1943

Other Partners

Kitty Ogilvy



Francesca Annis


affair from about 1991

Diane Hart


1 child together

married 1968
divorce 1983

Professional Partners


Other Partners

Patrick McGrath


1981 (aft.)

Nigel Davenport


1 child together

married May 1972
divorce 1981

Professional Partners

Maria Aitken Siblings

Jonathan Aitken


Maria Aitken

Maria Penelope Katharine Aitken




Wednesday 12 Sep 1945

His Other Children

Titus Ogilvy

born 1969, age 49 (approx.)
with Diane Hart

Children Together

Her Other Children

Jack Davenport

born 1973, age 45
with Nigel Davenport

James Norrington in the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' films & Steve Taylor in 'Coupling'

Ian Ogilvy
Bio Details


Ian Ogilvy Family

Ian Ogilvy's parents:

Ian Ogilvy's father is Francis Ogilvy Ian Ogilvy's mother is Aileen Ogilvy

Ian Ogilvy's former step-parents:

Ian Ogilvy's former step-father was Sir John Mills

Ian Ogilvy's children:

Ian Ogilvy's son is Titus Ogilvy

Ian Ogilvy's current partners:

Ian Ogilvy has an affair with Maria Aitken Ian Ogilvy's wife is Kitty Ogilvy

Ian Ogilvy's former partners:

Ian Ogilvy had an affair with Francesca Annis Ian Ogilvy's former wife is Diane Hart

Ian Ogilvy's grandparents:

Ian Ogilvy's grandfather is Francis John Longley Ogilvy Ian Ogilvy's grandmother is Dorothy Ogilvy

Ian Ogilvy's former step-grandparents:

Ian Ogilvy's former step-grandfather was Lewis Mills Ian Ogilvy's former step-grandmother was Edith Mills

Ian Ogilvy's uncles and aunts:

Ian Ogilvy's uncle was David Ogilvy Ian Ogilvy's aunt-by-marriage is Herta Ogilvy

Ian Ogilvy's cousins:

Ian Ogilvy's cousin is David Fairfield Ogilvy

Maria Aitken
Bio Details

Full name

Maria Penelope Katharine Aitken

Also known as

Maria Penelope Katharine Davenport

Maria Penelope Katharine McGrath





Date of birth

Wednesday 12 Sep 1945

Birth place

Dublin, Ireland




Maria Aitken Family

Maria Aitken's parents:

Maria Aitken's father was Sir William Aitken Maria Aitken's mother was Penelope Aitken

Maria Aitken's children:

Maria Aitken's son is Jack Davenport

Maria Aitken's current partners:

Maria Aitken has an affair with Ian Ogilvy Maria Aitken's husband is Patrick McGrath

Maria Aitken's former partners:

Maria Aitken's former husband is Nigel Davenport

Maria Aitken's siblings:

Maria Aitken's brother is Jonathan Aitken

Maria Aitken's nieces and nephews:

Maria Aitken's niece is Alexandra Aitken Maria Aitken's niece is Victoria Aitken Maria Aitken's niece is Petrina Khashoggi Maria Aitken's nephew is William Aitken

Maria Aitken's grandparents:

Maria Aitken's grandfather was John Maffey, 1st Baron of Rugby Maria Aitken's grandmother was Dorothy Maffey Maria Aitken's grandfather was Joseph Aitken Maria Aitken's grandmother was Katherine Aitken

Maria Aitken's great grandparents:

Maria Aitken's great grandfather was William Aitken Maria Aitken's great grandmother was Jane Aitken

Maria Aitken's grandchildren:

Maria Aitken's grandson is Harry Davenport

Maria Aitken's uncles and aunts:

Maria Aitken's uncle was Alan Loader Maffey Maria Aitken's uncle was Simon Maffey

Maria Aitken's great uncles and aunts:

Maria Aitken's great uncle was Lord Beaverbrook

Maria Aitken's first cousins once removed:

Maria Aitken's first cousin once removed was Janet Kidd Maria Aitken's first cousin once removed was Sir John Aitken Maria Aitken's first cousin once removed was Peter Aitken

Maria Aitken's second cousins:

Maria Aitken's second cousin was Lady Jeanne Campbell Maria Aitken's second cousin is John Kidd Maria Aitken's second cousin is Kirsty Smallwood Maria Aitken's second cousin is Lynda Dickson Maria Aitken's second cousin is Maxwell Aitken, 3rd Lord Beaverbrook Maria Aitken's second cousin is Laura Levi Maria Aitken's second cousin is Peter Aitken

Maria Aitken's in laws:

Maria Aitken's daughter in law is Michelle Gomez