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Inge Morath
Inge Morath

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Inge Morath

Arthur Miller


2 children together


Inge Morath
Bio Details

Full name

Ingeborg Hermine Morath





Date of birth

Sunday 27 May 1923

Birth place

Graz, Austria

Date of death:

30 Jan 2002

Place of death

Roxbury, Connecticut, USA

Cause of death



Magazine Editor

Photographer (1951)


University Of Berlin, Berlin, Germany (Finished 1944)

Inge lived in Berlin when World War II broke out.  As she refused to support the Nazis she was sent to work in an airplane factory alongside Ukranian prisoners of war.
Inge saved the actor Audie Murphy from drowning when she jumped ito a mountain lake in mexico in just her underwear, swam half a mile and reportedly pulled Audie back by her bra strap.
Magnum Photographer
3rd Wife of the Playwright Arthur Miller
Inge Morath

Ingeborg Hermine Morath




Sunday 27 May 1923


30 Jan 2002

Inge Morath Partner(s) Other Children

Inge Morath Children

Rebecca Miller

born 1962, age 55
with Arthur Miller

American Filmmaker Mrs Daniel Day-Lewis

Daniel Miller

born 1966, age 52 (approx.)
with Arthur Miller

Son of the American Playwright Arthur Miler

Jane Doyle

born 1944, age 73 (approx.)
step-child with Arthur Miller

First Daughter of the Great American Playwright Arthur Miller

Robert Miller

born 1947, age 71
step-child with Arthur Miller

First Son of the Great American Playwright Arthur Miller


Inge Morath Family

Inge Morath's children:

Inge Morath's daughter is Rebecca Miller Inge Morath's son is Daniel Miller Inge Morath's step-daughter is Jane Doyle Inge Morath's step-son is Robert Miller

Inge Morath's current partners:

Inge Morath's husband was Arthur Miller

Inge Morath's grandchildren:

Inge Morath's grandson is Ronan Day-Lewis Inge Morath's grandson is Cashel Day-Lewis

Inge Morath's in laws:

Inge Morath's son in law is Daniel Day-Lewis Inge Morath's sister in law is Joan Copeland Inge Morath's father in law was Izidore Miller Inge Morath's mother in law was Augusta Miller Inge Morath's brother in law was Kermit Miller Inge Morath's sister in law-by-marriage is Frances Miller Inge Morath's brother in law-by-marriage is George Kupchik