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Arthur Miller
Partners of 
Arthur Miller

Acclaimed American Playwright
Arthur Miller

Arthur Asher Miller




Sunday 17 Oct 1915


10 Feb 2005

Arthur Miller
Bio Details

Full name

Arthur Asher Miller





Date of birth

Sunday 17 Oct 1915

Birth place

Harlem, New York, USA

Date of death:

10 Feb 2005

Place of death

Roxbury, Connecticut, USA

Cause of death

Congestive Heart Failure




Playwright (1934 - 2005)


James Madison High School. Brooklyn, New York, United States

Abraham Lincoln High School, New York, United States (Finished 1932)

University of Michigan, Michigan, United States (1934 - 1938)

Once said that everything he had written was based on somebody he had seen or known.
First American President of International PEN between 1965 and 1969.
The Play "Death of a Salesman," opened on Broadway in 1949 and established Miller as a great American playwright.  It won 3 theatrical awards: the Pulitzer Prize, the New York Drama Critics' Circle Award and the Tony Award, and was translated into 29 languages.
Arthur said that by the age of 16 he knew he wanted to be a writer as he had an urge to tell stories.
The Play "All my Sons" was Arthur's first commercial success and earned him his first Tony award.
Found in contempt of congress when he would not name suspected communists during Congressional hearings by the House Unamerican Activities Committee in 1957.  He was sentenced to a $500 fine or 30 days in prison and refused a US passport.  This sentence was overturned in 1958 by the court of appeals.
Won the Pulitzer Prize for dram in 1949 and won 3 Tony awards throughout his career including a Special Tony award for lifetime achievement in 1999.

Arthur Miller Siblings

Kermit Miller


Joan Copeland


Partners of 
Arthur Miller

Agnes Barley


engaged about 2002

Inge Morath


2 children together


Marilyn Monroe


married 30 Jun 1956
divorce 1961

Mary Miller


2 children together

married 1940
divorce Jun 1956

Arthur Miller Children

Jane Doyle

born 1944, age 73 (approx.)
with Mary Miller

First Daughter of the Great American Playwright Arthur Miller

Robert Miller

born 1947, age 71
with Mary Miller

First Son of the Great American Playwright Arthur Miller

Rebecca Miller

born 1962, age 55
with Inge Morath

American Filmmaker Mrs Daniel Day-Lewis

Daniel Miller

born 1966, age 52 (approx.)
with Inge Morath

Son of the American Playwright Arthur Miler

Arthur Miller Partner(s) Other Children


Arthur Miller Family

Arthur Miller's parents:

Arthur Miller's father was Izidore Miller Arthur Miller's mother was Augusta Miller

Arthur Miller's children:

Arthur Miller's daughter is Rebecca Miller Arthur Miller's daughter is Jane Doyle Arthur Miller's son is Robert Miller Arthur Miller's son is Daniel Miller

Arthur Miller's current partners:

Arthur Miller's wife was Inge Morath

Arthur Miller's former partners:

Arthur Miller's former wife was Marilyn Monroe Arthur Miller was the fiance of Agnes Barley Arthur Miller's former wife is Mary Miller

Arthur Miller's siblings:

Arthur Miller's sister is Joan Copeland Arthur Miller's brother was Kermit Miller

Arthur Miller's nieces and nephews:

Arthur Miller's nephew is Ross Miller Arthur Miller's nephew is Eric Kupchik

Arthur Miller's grandchildren:

Arthur Miller's grandson is Ronan Day-Lewis Arthur Miller's grandson is Cashel Day-Lewis

Arthur Miller's in laws:

Arthur Miller's son in law is Daniel Day-Lewis

Arthur Miller's former in laws:

Arthur Miller's former father in law was Martin Mortensen Arthur Miller's former mother in law was Gladys Baker Arthur Miller's former step-father in law is Charles Grainger Arthur Miller's former step-father in law was John Eley Arthur Miller's former grandfather in law is Martin Mortensen Arthur Miller's former grandmother in law is Kate Higaens Arthur Miller's former grandfather in law was Otis Monroe Arthur Miller's former grandmother in law was Della Monroe Arthur Miller's former half-brother in law was Jackie Baker Arthur Miller's former half-sister in law is Berniece Baker Miracle Arthur Miller's former wife Marilyn Monroe's uncle in law was Marion Monroe