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Cecil Day-Lewis
Partners of 
Cecil Day-Lewis

Anglo-Irish Poet Laureate
Father of Acclaimed Actor Daniel Day-Lewis
Cecil Day-Lewis

Cecil Day-Lewis




Wednesday 27 Apr 1904


22 May 1972

Cecil Day-Lewis
Bio Details

Full name

Cecil Day-Lewis

Also known as

Cecil Day Lewis

Nicholas Blake





Date of birth

Wednesday 27 Apr 1904

Birth place

Ballintubbert, Queen's County, Ireland

Date of death:

22 May 1972

Place of death

Hertfordshire, England, UK

Cause of death

Pancreatic Cancer


Poet (1925 - 1972)

Oxford Professor of Poetry (1951)


Sherborne School, Dorset, England, United Kingdom

Oxford University: Wadham College, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, United Kingdom (1923 - 1927)

Cecil wrote mystery novels and short stories under the pseudonym Nicholas Blake
The poem entitled "The Newborn" was written in honour of the birth of Daniel Day0Lewis in 1957.  Earlier in his career, Cecil's poem 'Walking Away' was written about his first born son, Sean.
Cecil's family name was originally Day, but his grandfather added the surname of the maternal Uncle who adopted him creating the surname Day-Lewis.
Cecil declared in his autobiography "As a writer I do not use the hyphen in my surname – a piece of inverted snobbery which has produced rather mixed results . . . .".

Partners of 
Cecil Day-Lewis

Elizabeth Jane Howard CBE


affair from 1953
until 1953

Jill Balcon


2 children together


Rosamond Lehmann CBE


affair from about 1939
until 1950

Mary Day-Lewis


2 children together

married 1928
divorce 1951

Attia Hosain

Alleged Affair

Cecil Day-Lewis Children

Nicholas Day-Lewis

with Mary Day-Lewis

Half Brother of Acclaimed Actor Daniel Day-Lewis

Sean Day-Lewis

born 1931, age 90 (approx.)
with Mary Day-Lewis

Half Brother of Acclaimed Actor Daniel Day-Lewis

Tamasin Day-Lewis

born 1953, age 67
with Jill Balcon

Sister of Acclaimed Actor Daniel Day-Lewis

Daniel Day-Lewis

born 1957, age 63
with Jill Balcon

3 Times Best Actor Oscar Winner

Cecil Day-Lewis Partner(s) Other Children


Cecil Day-Lewis Family

Cecil Day-Lewis's parents:

Cecil Day-Lewis's father was Frank Day-Lewis Cecil Day-Lewis's mother was Kathleen Day-Lewis

Cecil Day-Lewis's children:

Cecil Day-Lewis's son is Daniel Day-Lewis Cecil Day-Lewis's daughter is Tamasin Day-Lewis Cecil Day-Lewis's son is Nicholas Day-Lewis Cecil Day-Lewis's son is Sean Day-Lewis

Cecil Day-Lewis's current partners:

Cecil Day-Lewis's wife was Jill Balcon

Cecil Day-Lewis's former partners:

Cecil Day-Lewis had an affair with Elizabeth Jane Howard CBE Cecil Day-Lewis had an affair with Rosamond Lehmann CBE Cecil Day-Lewis allegedly had an affair with Attia Hosain Cecil Day-Lewis's former wife was Mary Day-Lewis

Cecil Day-Lewis's grandchildren:

Cecil Day-Lewis's granddaughter is Miranda Shearer Cecil Day-Lewis's grandson is Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis Cecil Day-Lewis's grandson is Ronan Day-Lewis Cecil Day-Lewis's grandson is Cashel Day-Lewis

Cecil Day-Lewis's in laws:

Cecil Day-Lewis's daughter in law is Rebecca Miller Cecil Day-Lewis's father in law was Michael Balcon Cecil Day-Lewis's mother in law was Lady Aileen Balcon MBE Cecil Day-Lewis's grandfather in law was Louis Balcon Cecil Day-Lewis's grandmother in law was Laura Balcon Cecil Day-Lewis's brother in law was Jonathan Balcon

Cecil Day-Lewis's former in laws:

Cecil Day-Lewis's former son in law is John Shearer

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