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Partners of 
May Brosnan
May Brosnan

Partners of 
May Brosnan

Thomas Brosnan


1 child together

divorce about 1954

Bill Carmichael


May Brosnan
Bio Details

Full name

Mary Brosnan

Maiden name

Mary Smith

Also known as

May Carmichael





May travelled to London to train as a nurse after her husband left. Her son Pierce Brosnan, was sent to live with her parents until they died, then he lived with other relatives feeling lonely and abandoned.
Mother of Irish Actor Pierce Brosnan
May Brosnan

Mary Brosnan

May Brosnan Partner(s) Other Children

May Brosnan Children

Pierce Brosnan OBE

born 1953, age 65
with Thomas Brosnan

Irish American James Bond Actor


May Brosnan Family

May Brosnan's parents:

May Brosnan's father was Philip Smith May Brosnan's mother was Kathleen Smith

May Brosnan's children:

May Brosnan's son is Pierce Brosnan OBE

May Brosnan's current partners:

May Brosnan's husband is Bill Carmichael

May Brosnan's former partners:

May Brosnan's former husband is Thomas Brosnan

May Brosnan's grandchildren:

May Brosnan's grandson is Dylan Brosnan May Brosnan's grandson is Paris Brosnan May Brosnan's grandson is Sean Brosnan May Brosnan's adopted granddaughter was Charlotte Brosnan May Brosnan's adopted grandson is Christopher Brosnan

May Brosnan's great grandchildren:

May Brosnan's adopted great granddaughter is Isabella Smith May Brosnan's adopted great grandson is Lucas Smith

May Brosnan's in laws:

May Brosnan's daughter in law is Keely Shaye Smith May Brosnan's daughter in law was Cassandra Harris