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Partners of 
Barbara Payton
Barbara Payton

Partners of 
Barbara Payton

Jess Rawley


married after 1952
divorce before 8 May 1967

Franchot Tone


married 28 Sep 1951
divorce May 1952

Gregory Peck


affair from 1951
until 1951

Howard Hughes

Brief Liaison

brief liaison from about 1949
until about 1949

John Payton


married 10 Feb 1945
divorce about Apr 1948

William Hodge

Annulment of marriage

1942 - 1942

Tom Neal

Broken Engagement

Steve Cochran

Alleged Affair

Barbara Payton
Bio Details

Full name

Barbara Lee Redfield

Also known as

Barbara Rawley

Barbara Tone





Date of birth

Wednesday 16 Nov 1927

Birth place

Cloquet, Minnesota, USA

Date of death:

8 May 1967

Place of death

San Diego, California, USA


Actress (1949 - 1955)


Baylor Junior High School, Odessa, Texas, United States

Odessa High School, Odessa, Texas, United States

The Rise and Fall...

After a promising start to her acting career, by the mid 1950s Payton was very much down on her luck, being arrested a number of times for drunkenness and prostitution.
Barbara Payton

Barbara Lee Redfield




Wednesday 16 Nov 1927


8 May 1967


Barbara Payton Family

Barbara Payton's current partners:

Barbara Payton allegedly had an affair with Steve Cochran

Barbara Payton's former partners:

Barbara Payton had an affair with Gregory Peck Barbara Payton had a brief liaison with Howard Hughes Barbara Payton's former husband is Jess Rawley Barbara Payton's former husband was Franchot Tone Barbara Payton's former husband is John Payton Barbara Payton was in an annulled marriage with William Hodge Barbara Payton is the former fiance of Tom Neal

Barbara Payton's former in laws:

Barbara Payton's former father in law was Frank Jerome Tone Barbara Payton's former mother in law is Gertrude Tone Barbara Payton's former grandfather in law was Thomas Tone Barbara Payton's former grandmother in law was Catherine Tone