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Partner of 
Fay Cogan
Fay Cogan

Partners of 
Fay Cogan

Mark Cogan


3 children together


Fay Cogan
Bio Details

Full name

Fay Rita Cogan

Maiden name

Fay Rita Carp




7 months (approx.)

Date of birth

Saturday 10 Mar 1973

Birth place

Possibly Romania

Date of death:

Nov 1973

Place of death

Wandsworth, London, England, UK

Fay Cogan Siblings

Sadie Lawrence


Bea Dann


Rose Carp


Alan Carp


Fay Cogan

Fay Rita Cogan


7 months (approx.)


Saturday 10 Mar 1973


Nov 1973

Fay Cogan Partner(s) Other Children

Fay Cogan Children

Ivor Cogan

born 1929, age 88 (approx.)
with Mark Cogan

Alma Cogan

born 1932, died 1966, age 34
with Mark Cogan

Famous British pop singer of the sixties

Sandra Caron

born 1936, age 82 (approx.)
with Mark Cogan

Known for her roles in the "Carry On" films


Fay Cogan Family

Fay Cogan's parents:

Fay Cogan's father is Herman Carp Fay Cogan's mother is Gertrude Carp

Fay Cogan's children:

Fay Cogan's daughter was Alma Cogan Fay Cogan's daughter is Sandra Caron Fay Cogan's son is Ivor Cogan

Fay Cogan's current partners:

Fay Cogan's husband was Mark Cogan

Fay Cogan's siblings:

Fay Cogan's sister was Sadie Lawrence Fay Cogan's sister is Bea Dann Fay Cogan's sister is Rose Carp Fay Cogan's brother is Alan Carp

Fay Cogan's nieces and nephews:

Fay Cogan's nephew is Sir Ivan Lawrence QC

Fay Cogan's grand nieces and grand nephews:

Fay Cogan's great niece is Rachel Lawrence

Fay Cogan's grandchildren:

Fay Cogan's grandson is Mark Cogan Fay Cogan's granddaughter is Yolanda Cogan

Fay Cogan's in laws:

Fay Cogan's father in law is Phillip Kogin Fay Cogan's mother in law is Esther Kogin Fay Cogan's sister in law is Debbie Kogin Fay Cogan's sister in law is Hettie Kogin Fay Cogan's brother in law is Harry Kogin Fay Cogan's brother in law is Alfred Kogin Fay Cogan's brother in law is Sammy Kogin Fay Cogan's daughter in law is Lolita Cogan Fay Cogan's son in law is Brian Greene