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Partners of 
Melissa Gilbert
Melissa Gilbert

Partners of 
Melissa Gilbert

Relationship History

Timothy Busfield


24 Apr 2013

Bruce Boxleitner


1 child together

married 1994
divorce 2011

Bo Brinkman


1 child together

married 1988
divorce 1992

Scott Baio


dated from before 1982
until before 1982

Tom Cruise


dated from about 1980
until about 1980

Rob Lowe


dated from circa 1980
until circa 1980

Professional Partners

Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Dancing with the Stars Partner

danced together from 19 Mar 2012
until 8 May 2012

Melissa Gilbert
Bio Details

Full name

Melissa Ellen Gilbert





Date of birth

Friday 08 May 1964

Melissa Gilbert Siblings

Jonathan Gilbert


Sara Gilbert


Laura Ingalls in TV series Little House On The Prairie
Melissa Gilbert

Melissa Ellen Gilbert




Friday 08 May 1964

Melissa Gilbert Partner(s) Other Children

Melissa Gilbert Children

Cody Brinkman

born 1989, age 29
with Bo Brinkman

Michael Garrett Boxleitner

born 1995, age 22
with Bruce Boxleitner

Daisy Busfield

step-child with Timothy Busfield

Willy Busfield

born 1982, age 36 (approx.)
step-child with Timothy Busfield

Samuel Clark Busfield

born 1991, age 26
step-child with Timothy Busfield


Melissa Gilbert Family

Melissa Gilbert's parents:

Melissa Gilbert's father was Paul Gilbert Melissa Gilbert's mother is Barbara Gilbert-Cowan

Melissa Gilbert's children:

Melissa Gilbert's son is Cody Brinkman Melissa Gilbert's son is Michael Garrett Boxleitner Melissa Gilbert's step-daughter is Daisy Busfield Melissa Gilbert's step-son is Willy Busfield Melissa Gilbert's step-son is Samuel Clark Busfield

Melissa Gilbert's current partners:

Melissa Gilbert's husband is Timothy Busfield

Melissa Gilbert's former partners:

Melissa Gilbert dated Tom Cruise Melissa Gilbert dated Rob Lowe Melissa Gilbert dated Scott Baio Melissa Gilbert's former husband is Bruce Boxleitner Melissa Gilbert's former husband is Bo Brinkman

Melissa Gilbert's siblings:

Melissa Gilbert's sister is Sara Gilbert Melissa Gilbert's brother is Jonathan Gilbert

Melissa Gilbert's nieces and nephews:

Melissa Gilbert's nephew is Levi Gilbert-Adler Melissa Gilbert's niece is Sawyer Gilbert-Adler Melissa Gilbert's nephew is Rhodes Emilio Gilbert-Perry

Melissa Gilbert's grandparents:

Melissa Gilbert's grandfather was Harry Crane Melissa Gilbert's grandmother was Julia Crane

Melissa Gilbert's in laws:

Melissa Gilbert's father in law is Roger Busfield Melissa Gilbert's mother in law is Virginia Busfield Melissa Gilbert's sister in law is Terry Schmit Melissa Gilbert's sister in law is Julia Busfield Melissa Gilbert's brother in law is Buck Busfield

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