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Partners of 
Lucille Ball
Lucille Ball

Partners of 
Lucille Ball

Gary Morton


19 Nov 1961

Desi Arnaz


2 children together

married 1940
divorce 4 May 1960

Lucille Ball
Bio Details

Full name

Lucille Désirée Ball

Also known as

Diane Belmont





Date of birth

Sunday 06 Aug 1911

Birth place

Celoron, New York, USA

Date of death:

26 Apr 1989

Place of death

Beverly Hills, California, USA


Actress (Finished 1989)

Comedian (Finished 1989)

Broadway Actress

Model (1929)


John Murray Anderson School for the Dramatic Arts, New York, United States

Statues of the Famous

A 400 lb bronze sculpture of Lucille is in her memorial park in New York. the creator, David Pouliin has offered to remove the statue as it is not befitting of her beauty.

Lucille Ball Siblings

Fred Ball


Star of I Love Lucy
Lucille Ball

Lucille Désirée Ball




Sunday 06 Aug 1911


26 Apr 1989

Lucille Ball Partner(s) Other Children

Lucille Ball Children

Lucie Arnaz

born 1951, age 70
with Desi Arnaz

Desi Arnaz Jr.

born 1953, age 68
with Desi Arnaz


Lucille Ball Family

Lucille Ball's parents:

Lucille Ball's father was Henry Durrell Ball Lucille Ball's mother is Desiree Ball Lucille Ball's step-father is Ed Peterson

Lucille Ball's children:

Lucille Ball's son is Desi Arnaz Jr. Lucille Ball's daughter is Lucie Arnaz

Lucille Ball's current partners:

Lucille Ball's husband was Gary Morton

Lucille Ball's former partners:

Lucille Ball's former husband was Desi Arnaz

Lucille Ball's siblings:

Lucille Ball's brother is Fred Ball

Lucille Ball's grandchildren:

Lucille Ball's grandson is Simon Luckinbill Lucille Ball's grandson is Joseph Luckinbill Lucille Ball's granddaughter is Katharine Luckingbill

Lucille Ball's in laws:

Lucille Ball's father in law is Morris Goldaper Lucille Ball's mother in law was Rose Goldaper Lucille Ball's son in law is Laurence Luckinbill

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