Relationship Relationship facts

Relationship began Oct 2016

Made in Chelsea Star
Alex Mytton

Alex Mytton


27 (approx.)



Other Partners

Olivia Bentley

Brief Fling

brief fling from about Aug 2016
until about Aug 2016

Nicola Hughes


dated from Aug 2014
until about Aug 2016

Binky Felstead


dated from May 2014
until before Aug 2014

Phoebe-Lettice Thompson


dated from about Nov 2013
until about Nov 2013

Fran Newman-Young


dated from Oct 2013
until Nov 2013

Lucy Watson


dated from about Jun 2013
until about Jun 2013

Professional Partners


Other Partners

Sam Prince


until 2014

Professional Partners

Lottie Moss Siblings

Kate Moss


other parent: Linda Moss

Nick Moss


other parent: Linda Moss

Kate Moss's Sister
Fledgling Fashion Model
Lottie Moss

Charlotte Moss




Friday 09 Jan 1998

Alex Mytton
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Alex Mytton Family

Alex Mytton's current partners:

Alex Mytton has a relationship with Lottie Moss

Alex Mytton's former partners:

Alex Mytton dated Nicola Hughes Alex Mytton dated Binky Felstead Alex Mytton dated Phoebe-Lettice Thompson Alex Mytton dated Fran Newman-Young Alex Mytton dated Lucy Watson Alex Mytton had a brief fling with Olivia Bentley

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Made in Chelsea (MIC)


Other people in this association:

Jane Felstead 2011

Spencer Matthews

Jamie Laing 2011


Lottie Moss
Bio Details

Full name

Charlotte Moss





Date of birth

Friday 09 Jan 1998


Model (2012)

Lottie has been snapped up for the fashion house Calvin Klein's new campaign. Her sister Kate's first shoot for Calvin Klein was back in 1992.  She is also signed to Kates model agency Storm (July 2014)
Lottie was Kate Moss's bridesmaid at her 2011 wedding to Jamie Hince.


Lottie Moss Family

Lottie Moss's parents:

Lottie Moss's father is Peter Moss Lottie Moss's mother is Inger Solnordal

Lottie Moss's former step-parents:

Lottie Moss's former step-mother is Linda Moss

Lottie Moss's current partners:

Lottie Moss has a relationship with Alex Mytton

Lottie Moss's former partners:

Lottie Moss had a relationship with Sam Prince

Lottie Moss's siblings:

Lottie Moss's half-sister is Kate Moss Lottie Moss's half-brother is Nick Moss

Lottie Moss's nieces and nephews:

Lottie Moss's niece is Lila Hack Lottie Moss's nephew is Clarence Burns

Lottie Moss's grandparents:

Lottie Moss's grandfather was Herbert Moss Lottie Moss's grandmother was Queenie Moss

Lottie Moss's great grandparents:

Lottie Moss's great grandfather was Herbert Moss Lottie Moss's great grandmother is Alice Moss

Lottie Moss's step-grandparents:

Lottie Moss's step-grandmother is Joan Moss

Lottie Moss's uncles and aunts:

Lottie Moss's uncle is Edward Moss Lottie Moss's aunt-by-marriage is June Moss Lottie Moss's aunt is Christine Moss Lottie Moss's uncle-by-marriage is Stephen Harris Lottie Moss's uncle is Alan Moss Lottie Moss's aunt-by-marriage is Kay Moss

Lottie Moss's cousins:

Lottie Moss's cousin is Steven Moss Lottie Moss's cousin is Hilary Moss Lottie Moss's cousin is Geoffrey Moss Lottie Moss's cousin is Jacqueline Moss