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Ed Miliband
Partners of 
Ed Miliband

Leader of the British Labour Party
Ed Miliband

Edward Samuel Miliband




Wednesday 24 Dec 1969

Ed Miliband
Bio Details

Ed Miliband Siblings

David Miliband


Partners of 
Ed Miliband

Justine Thornton


2 children together

27 May 2011

Stephanie Flanders


dated from 2004
until 2004

Alice Miles


relationship began circa 1997
until circa 1997

Liz Lloyd


relationship began circa 1994
until circa 1996

Juliet Soskice-Rosenfeld


relationship began before 1994

Ed Miliband Children

Daniel Miliband

born 2009, age 9 (approx.)
with Justine Thornton

Sam Miliband

born 2010, age 7
with Justine Thornton

Ed Miliband Partner(s) Other Children


Ed Miliband Family

Ed Miliband's parents:

Ed Miliband's father was Ralph Miliband Ed Miliband's mother is Marion Miliband

Ed Miliband's children:

Ed Miliband's son is Daniel Miliband Ed Miliband's son is Sam Miliband

Ed Miliband's current partners:

Ed Miliband's wife is Justine Thornton

Ed Miliband's former partners:

Ed Miliband had a relationship with Juliet Soskice-Rosenfeld Ed Miliband dated Stephanie Flanders Ed Miliband had a relationship with Alice Miles Ed Miliband had a relationship with Liz Lloyd

Ed Miliband's siblings:

Ed Miliband's brother is David Miliband

Ed Miliband's grandparents:

Ed Miliband's grandfather was Dawid Kozak Ed Miliband's grandmother is Bronislawa Kozak Ed Miliband's grandfather was Samuel Miliband Ed Miliband's grandmother was Renee Miliband

Ed Miliband's great grandparents:

Ed Miliband's great grandfather is Mosiek Kozak Ed Miliband's great grandmother is Adela Kozak Ed Miliband's great grandfather is Zyndel Miliband Ed Miliband's great grandmother is Chana Miliband

Ed Miliband's uncles and aunts:

Ed Miliband's aunt is Nan Keen Ed Miliband's uncle-by-marriage was Professor Harry Keen Ed Miliband's aunt is Dr Hadassa Kozak

Ed Miliband's cousins:

Ed Miliband's cousin is Michael Keen Ed Miliband's cousin is Judith Keen

Ed Miliband's in laws:

Ed Miliband's father in law is Stewart Thornton Ed Miliband's mother in law is Margaret Thornton Ed Miliband's brother in law is Alex Thornton

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