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Partners of 
Gene Tierney
Gene Tierney

Partners of 
Gene Tierney

William Howard Lee



President John F Kennedy

Alleged Romance

alleged romance from 1945

Oleg Cassini


2 children together

married 1 Jun 1941
divorce 10 Mar 1947

Gene Tierney
Bio Details

Full name

Gene Eliza Tierney





Date of birth

Friday 19 Nov 1920

Date of death:

6 Nov 1991

Place of death

At her home in Houston, Texas, USA

Cause of death





Miss Porter's School, Farmington, Connecticut, United States

Chateau Brilliantmont, Lausanne, Switzerland

St Margaret's School, Waterbury, Connecticut, United States

Gene Tierney Siblings

Patricia Byrne


Gene Tierney

Gene Eliza Tierney




Friday 19 Nov 1920


6 Nov 1991

Gene Tierney Partner(s) Other Children

Gene Tierney Children

Daria Cassini

born 1943, age 74
with Oleg Cassini

Tina Cassini

born 1948, age 69
with Oleg Cassini


Gene Tierney Family

Gene Tierney's parents:

Gene Tierney's father is Howard S Tierney Gene Tierney's mother is Belle Tierney

Gene Tierney's children:

Gene Tierney's daughter is Daria Cassini Gene Tierney's daughter is Tina Cassini

Gene Tierney's current partners:

Gene Tierney's husband was William Howard Lee

Gene Tierney's former partners:

Gene Tierney allegedly had a romance with President John F Kennedy Gene Tierney had an affair with Porfirio Rubirosa Gene Tierney's former husband is Oleg Cassini

Gene Tierney's siblings:

Gene Tierney's sister is Patricia Byrne

Gene Tierney's in laws:

Gene Tierney's father in law was William Lee Gene Tierney's mother in law was Margaret Lee Gene Tierney's sister in law was Irene Mae Isaacks Gene Tierney's brother in law was Thomas Lee Gene Tierney's sister in law was Faustine McCarthy Gene Tierney's brother in law was Donald Lee

Gene Tierney's former in laws:

Gene Tierney's former father in law is Count Alexander Loiewski Gene Tierney's former mother in law was Marguerite Cassini Gene Tierney's former step-mother in law is Madame Cassini Gene Tierney's former step-mother in law is Nierod Cassini Gene Tierney's former grandfather in law was Count Arthur Cassini Gene Tierney's former grandmother in law is Stephanie van Betz Gene Tierney's former brother in law was Igor Cassini, Cholly Knickerbocker

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