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Partners of 
Kyle Richards
Kyle Richards

Partners of 
Kyle Richards

Mauricio Umansky


3 children together

Jan 1996

Guraish Aldjufrie


1 child together

married about 1987
divorce about 1990

Michael Tuck

Broken Engagement

until 1994

Kyle Richards
Bio Details

Full name

Kyle Richards




49 (approx.)

Date of birth

Jan 1969


Child Actress

Reality TV Personality

Kyle Richards Siblings

Kathy Hilton


other parent: Larry Avanzino

Diane Richards


other parent: Evelyn Richards

Kim Richards


Real Houswives of Beverley Hills Star
Aunt of It Girl Paris Hilton
Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards


49 (approx.)


Jan 1969

Kyle Richards Partner(s) Other Children

Kyle Richards Children

Farrah Aldjufrie

with Guraish Aldjufrie

Eldest Daught of Reality TV Star Kyle Richards

Alexia Umansky

born 1996, age 22
with Mauricio Umansky

Paris Hilton's Cousin

Sophia Umansky

born 2000, age 18
with Mauricio Umansky

Paris Hilton's Cousin

Portia Umansky

born 2005, age 13 (approx.)
with Mauricio Umansky


Kyle Richards Family

Kyle Richards's parents:

Kyle Richards's father was Kenneth E Richards Kyle Richards's mother was Kathy Richards Kyle Richards's step-mother is Sylvia Benedict Richards

Kyle Richards's former step-parents:

Kyle Richards's former step-parent is Evelyn Richards Kyle Richards's former step-father is Jack Catain Kyle Richards's former step-father was Larry Avanzino

Kyle Richards's children:

Kyle Richards's daughter is Farrah Aldjufrie Kyle Richards's daughter is Alexia Umansky Kyle Richards's daughter is Sophia Umansky Kyle Richards's daughter is Portia Umansky

Kyle Richards's current partners:

Kyle Richards's husband is Mauricio Umansky

Kyle Richards's former partners:

Kyle Richards's former husband is Guraish Aldjufrie Kyle Richards is the former fiance of Michael Tuck

Kyle Richards's siblings:

Kyle Richards's half-sister is Kathy Hilton Kyle Richards's sister is Kim Richards Kyle Richards's half-sister is Diane Richards

Kyle Richards's nieces and nephews:

Kyle Richards's niece is Paris Hilton Kyle Richards's niece is Nicky Hilton Kyle Richards's nephew is Barron Hilton Kyle Richards's nephew is Conrad Hilton Kyle Richards's nephew is Chad Davis Kyle Richards's niece is Whitney Davis Kyle Richards's niece is Kimberley Jackson Kyle Richards's niece is Brooke Brinson

Kyle Richards's grand nieces and grand nephews:

Kyle Richards's great niece is Lily Rothschild

Kyle Richards's grandparents:

Kyle Richards's grandfather is Ed Dugan Kyle Richards's grandmother is Dodo Dugan

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