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Partners of 
Kim Richards
Kim Richards

Partners of 
Kim Richards

John Jackson


1 child together

relationship began after 1991

Monty Brinson


1 child together

married 3 Aug 1985
divorce 1988

John Davis

Alleged Affair

1985 (ca.)

Gregg Davis


2 children together

married after 1985
divorce 1991

John Collett


engaged about 1962

Kim Richards
Bio Details

Full name

Kimberly Richards





Date of birth

Saturday 19 Sep 1964

Birth place

Mineola, New York, USA


Child Actress

Reality TV Personality



Imperial High School, Imperial Beach, California, United States

Kim was axed from the Real Housewives show after struggling with substance abuse problems.  They culminated in her arrest for a drunken confrontation with the police at The Beverley Hills Hotel.  She subsequently went into rehab but the producers of the show say that there is no chance of her returning to The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills in the future.

Kim Richards Siblings

Kathy Hilton


other parent: Larry Avanzino

Diane Richards


other parent: Evelyn Richards

Kyle Richards


Actress and one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Aunty of It Girl Paris Hilton
Kim Richards

Kimberly Richards




Saturday 19 Sep 1964

Kim Richards Partner(s) Other Children

Kim Richards Children

Chad Davis

with Gregg Davis

Whitney Davis

with Gregg Davis

Kimberley Jackson

with John Jackson

Youngest Daughter of Reality TV Star Kim Richards

Brooke Brinson

born 1986, age 32 (approx.)
with Monty Brinson

Daughter of Kim Richards Cousin of Socialite Paris Hilton


Kim Richards Family

Kim Richards's parents:

Kim Richards's father was Kenneth E Richards Kim Richards's mother was Kathy Richards Kim Richards's step-mother is Sylvia Benedict Richards

Kim Richards's former step-parents:

Kim Richards's former step-parent is Evelyn Richards Kim Richards's former step-father is Bob Fenton Kim Richards's former step-father is Jack Catain Kim Richards's former step-father was Larry Avanzino

Kim Richards's children:

Kim Richards's son is Chad Davis Kim Richards's daughter is Whitney Davis Kim Richards's daughter is Kimberley Jackson Kim Richards's daughter is Brooke Brinson

Kim Richards's former partners:

Kim Richards had a relationship with John Jackson Kim Richards's former husband was Monty Brinson Kim Richards allegedly had an affair with John Davis Kim Richards's former husband is Gregg Davis Kim Richards was the fiance of John Collett

Kim Richards's siblings:

Kim Richards's half-sister is Kathy Hilton Kim Richards's sister is Kyle Richards Kim Richards's half-sister is Diane Richards

Kim Richards's nieces and nephews:

Kim Richards's niece is Paris Hilton Kim Richards's niece is Nicky Hilton Kim Richards's nephew is Barron Hilton Kim Richards's nephew is Conrad Hilton Kim Richards's niece is Farrah Aldjufrie Kim Richards's niece is Alexia Umansky Kim Richards's niece is Sophia Umansky Kim Richards's niece is Portia Umansky

Kim Richards's grand nieces and grand nephews:

Kim Richards's great niece is Lily Rothschild

Kim Richards's grandparents:

Kim Richards's grandfather is Ed Dugan Kim Richards's grandmother is Dodo Dugan

Kim Richards's former step-grandparents:

Kim Richards's former step-grandfather was Laurence Avanzino Kim Richards's former step-grandmother was Elizabeth Avanzino

Kim Richards's in laws:

Kim Richards's son in law is Thayer Wiederhorn

Kim Richards's former in laws:

Kim Richards's former father in law was Marvin Davis Kim Richards's former mother in law is Barbara Davis Kim Richards's former grandfather in law is Jack Davis Kim Richards's former grandmother in law is Jean Davis Kim Richards's former sister in law is Nancy Davis Rickel Kim Richards's former sister in law is Dana Davis Kim Richards's former sister in law is Patricia Davis Raynes Kim Richards's former brother in law is John Davis Kim Richards's former husband Gregg Davis's aunt in law is Joan Chorney

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