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Partners of 
Meg Tilly
Meg Tilly

Partners of 
Meg Tilly

Don Calame



John Calley


married 1995
divorce 2002

Colin Firth


1 child together

relationship began 1989
until about 1993

Tim Zinnemann


2 children together

married about 1982
divorce about 1989

Meg Tilly
Bio Details

Full name

Margaret Elizabeth Chan





Date of birth

Sunday 14 Feb 1960

Birth place



Ballet Dancer (1977 - 1979)

Actress (1980)

Author (1994)


Madame Darvash Ballet School, New York, United States (1978 (ca.))

Following her Oscar nominated performance as Sister Agnes in the film Agnes of God (1985), Meg was hailed as one of Hollywood's most exciting emerging talents.  In 1994, however, she gave up acting to focus on raising her children.  She is now an author and has published 5 novels.  She recently returned to acting in the Canadian TV series Bomb Girls.
Before turning her hand to acting, Meg Tilly was a ballet dancer and danced in the 1980 hit movie, Fame.

Golden Globes

1986 - Best Supporting Actress - Agnes of God

Meg Tilly Siblings

Steve Chan


Jennifer Tilly


Becky Tilly


Canadian Author and Former Big Screen Actress
Meg Tilly

Margaret Elizabeth Chan




Sunday 14 Feb 1960

Meg Tilly Partner(s) Other Children

Meg Tilly Children

Emily Zinnemann

with Tim Zinnemann

Granddaughter of Legendary Film Director Fred Zinnemann

David Zinnemann

with Tim Zinnemann

Grandson of Legendary Film Director Fred Zinnemann

Will Firth

born 1990, age 32 (approx.)
with Colin Firth


Meg Tilly Family

Meg Tilly's parents:

Meg Tilly's father was Harry Chan Meg Tilly's mother is Patricia Tilly

Meg Tilly's former step-parents:

Meg Tilly's former step-father was John Ward

Meg Tilly's children:

Meg Tilly's daughter is Emily Zinnemann Meg Tilly's son is David Zinnemann Meg Tilly's son is Will Firth

Meg Tilly's current partners:

Meg Tilly's husband is Don Calame

Meg Tilly's former partners:

Meg Tilly had a relationship with Colin Firth Meg Tilly's former husband was John Calley Meg Tilly's former husband is Tim Zinnemann

Meg Tilly's siblings:

Meg Tilly's sister is Jennifer Tilly Meg Tilly's brother is Steve Chan Meg Tilly's sister is Becky Tilly

Meg Tilly's former in laws:

Meg Tilly's former father in law was Fred Zinnemann Meg Tilly's former mother in law is Renee Bartlett Meg Tilly's former grandfather in law was Oskar Zinnemann Meg Tilly's former grandmother in law was Anna Zinnemann

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