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Partners of 
Tara Newley
Tara Newley

Partners of 
Tara Newley

Paul Beck


relationship began 2007
until 2009

Michael Adam


1 child together

married 1997
divorce about 1997

Richard Skeates


1 child together

until Apr 2007

Darren Day

Brief Liaison

Tara Newley
Bio Details

Full name

Tara Newley




55 (approx.)

Date of birth



Social Worker

Tara Newley Siblings

Sacha Newley


Katyana Kass


other parent: Ronald Kass

Joan Collins Daughter
Tara Newley

Tara Newley


55 (approx.)



Tara Newley Partner(s) Other Children

Tara Newley Children

Miel Adam

born 1998, age 20 (approx.)
with Michael Adam

Grandaughter of Dame Joan Collins

Weston Skeates

born 2004, age 14 (approx.)
with Richard Skeates

Grandson of Dame Joan Collins


Tara Newley Family

Tara Newley's parents:

Tara Newley's mother is Dame Joan Collins OBE Tara Newley's father was Anthony Newley Tara Newley's step-father is Percy Gibson

Tara Newley's former step-parents:

Tara Newley's former step-father is Peter Holm Tara Newley's former step-father was Ronald Kass Tara Newley's former step-father is Maxwell Reed

Tara Newley's children:

Tara Newley's daughter is Miel Adam Tara Newley's son is Weston Skeates

Tara Newley's former partners:

Tara Newley had a brief liaison with Darren Day Tara Newley had a relationship with Paul Beck Tara Newley's former husband is Michael Adam Tara Newley had a relationship with Richard Skeates

Tara Newley's siblings:

Tara Newley's brother is Sacha Newley Tara Newley's half-sister is Katyana Kass

Tara Newley's nieces and nephews:

Tara Newley's niece is Ava-Grace Newley

Tara Newley's grandparents:

Tara Newley's grandfather is Joseph Collins Tara Newley's grandmother was Elsa Collins

Tara Newley's great grandparents:

Tara Newley's great grandmother is Henrietta Collins

Tara Newley's uncles and aunts:

Tara Newley's aunt was Jackie Collins Tara Newley's uncle is Bill Collins