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Cecil Tennant
Partner of 
Cecil Tennant

Top British theatrical agent
Cecil Tennant

Cecil Gordon Tennant


57 (approx.)


Jun 1910


12 Jul 1967

Cecil Tennant
Bio Details

Full name

Cecil Gordon Tennant




57 (approx.)

Date of birth

Jun 1910

Birth place

Wakefield, Yorkshire, England, UK

Date of death:

12 Jul 1967

Place of death

Surrey, England, UK

Partners of 
Cecil Tennant

Irina Baronova-Tennant


3 children together


Cecil Tennant Children

Victoria Tennant

born 1950, age 67
with Irina Baronova-Tennant

British Actress

Irina Tennant

born 1952, age 66 (approx.)
with Irina Baronova-Tennant

Robert Tennant

born 1954, age 64 (approx.)
with Irina Baronova-Tennant

Cecil Tennant Partner(s) Other Children


Cecil Tennant Family

Cecil Tennant's children:

Cecil Tennant's daughter is Victoria Tennant Cecil Tennant's daughter is Irina Tennant Cecil Tennant's son is Robert Tennant

Cecil Tennant's current partners:

Cecil Tennant's wife was Irina Baronova-Tennant

Cecil Tennant's grandchildren:

Cecil Tennant's granddaughter is Katya Stambler Cecil Tennant's grandson is Nicky Stambler Cecil Tennant's grandson is Hugh Tennant

Cecil Tennant's in laws:

Cecil Tennant's father in law is Misha Baronov Cecil Tennant's mother in law is Lidia Baronova Cecil Tennant's son in law is Kirk Stambler Cecil Tennant's daughter in law is Joanna Tennant

Cecil Tennant's former in laws:

Cecil Tennant's former son in law is Steve Martin Cecil Tennant's former son in law is Matthew Chapman Cecil Tennant's former son in law is Peppo Vanini