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Cyril Tordiffe
Partner of 
Cyril Tordiffe

Cyril Tordiffe

Cyril Wolferstan Tordiffe


110 (presumed dead)


Nov 1886

Cyril Tordiffe
Bio Details

Full name

Cyril Wolferstan Tordiffe




110 (presumed dead)

Date of birth

Nov 1886

Birth place

St Albans, Hertfordshire, England, UK


Railway Engineer

Partners of 
Cyril Tordiffe

Celia Ridgeway


2 children together

married Nov 1905
divorce 1913

Cyril Tordiffe Children

Pauline Harding

born 1906, died 2000, age 93 (approx.)
with Celia Ridgeway

Jenefee Martonvalvy

born 1910, died 1995, age 84 (approx.)
with Celia Ridgeway

Cyril Tordiffe Partner(s) Other Children


Cyril Tordiffe Family

Cyril Tordiffe's parents:

Cyril Tordiffe's father is Edward Tordiffe Cyril Tordiffe's mother is Pauline Tordiffe

Cyril Tordiffe's children:

Cyril Tordiffe's daughter was Pauline Harding Cyril Tordiffe's daughter was Jenefee Martonvalvy

Cyril Tordiffe's former partners:

Cyril Tordiffe's former wife was Celia Ridgeway

Cyril Tordiffe's former in laws:

Cyril Tordiffe's former mother in law was Minnie Bridson Cyril Tordiffe's former father in law was Augustus Bridson Cyril Tordiffe's former grandfather in law was Thomas Bridson Cyril Tordiffe's former grandmother in law was Mary Bridson Cyril Tordiffe's former grandfather in law is Henry Mountford Cyril Tordiffe's former grandmother in law is Margaret -Charlotte Mountford Cyril Tordiffe's former son in law is Ivan Martonfalvy