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Leo Blair
Partners of 
Leo Blair

Father of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair
Leo Blair

Leo Charles Lynton Blair




Saturday 04 Aug 1923


16 Nov 2012

Leo Blair
Bio Details

Full name

Leo Charles Lynton Blair

Maiden name

Charles Leonard Augustus Parsons





Date of birth

Saturday 04 Aug 1923

Birth place

Filey, Yorkshire, England, UK

Date of death:

16 Nov 2012




Edinburgh University, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Leo Blair Siblings

Pauline Harding


other parent: Cyril Tordiffe

Jenefee Martonvalvy


other parent: Cyril Tordiffe

Partners of 
Leo Blair

Olwen Blair


Aug 1980

Hazel Blair


3 children together

29 Nov 1948

Leo Blair Children

Sir William Blair

born 1950, age 71
with Hazel Blair

Sir Tony Blair

born 1953, age 68
with Hazel Blair

British Prime Minister 2nd May 1997 - 27th June 2007

Sarah Blair

born 1956, age 65
with Hazel Blair

Leo Blair Partner(s) Other Children


Leo Blair Family

Leo Blair's parents:

Leo Blair's father was Jimmy Lynton Leo Blair's mother was Celia Ridgeway Leo Blair's adoptive mother was Mary Blair Leo Blair's adoptive father is James Blair

Leo Blair's former step-parents:

Leo Blair's former step-father is Hugh Wilson Leo Blair's former step-father was Cyril Tordiffe

Leo Blair's children:

Leo Blair's son is Sir Tony Blair Leo Blair's son is Sir William Blair Leo Blair's daughter is Sarah Blair

Leo Blair's current partners:

Leo Blair's wife was Hazel Blair Leo Blair's wife was Olwen Blair

Leo Blair's siblings:

Leo Blair's half-sister was Pauline Harding Leo Blair's half-sister was Jenefee Martonvalvy

Leo Blair's grandparents:

Leo Blair's grandmother was Minnie Bridson Leo Blair's grandfather was Augustus Bridson Leo Blair's grandfather is Tom Parsons Leo Blair's grandmother is Mary Parsons

Leo Blair's great grandparents:

Leo Blair's great grandfather is Henry Mountford Leo Blair's great grandmother is Margaret -Charlotte Mountford Leo Blair's great grandfather was Thomas Bridson Leo Blair's great grandmother was Mary Bridson   Leo Blair's great great grandfather was Thomas Bridson Leo Blair's great great grandmother was Sarah Matthews   Leo Blair's 3x great grandfather was Paul Bridson Leo Blair's 3x great grandmother was Mary Ridgway

Leo Blair's former step-grandparents:

Leo Blair's former step-grandfather is Edward Tordiffe Leo Blair's former step-grandmother is Pauline Tordiffe

Leo Blair's grandchildren:

Leo Blair's grandson is Euan Blair Leo Blair's grandson is Nicky Blair Leo Blair's granddaughter is Kathryn Blair Leo Blair's grandson is Leo Blair

Leo Blair's great grandchildren:

Leo Blair's great granddaughter is Iris Blair

Leo Blair's in laws:

Leo Blair's daughter in law is Cherie Blair Leo Blair's daughter in law is Lady Katy Tse Blair MBE Leo Blair's father in law was George Corscaden Leo Blair's mother in law was Sally McLay Leo Blair's step-father in law is William McLay Leo Blair's sister in law was Iris Cubie