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Klaus Kinski
Partners of 
Klaus Kinski

German actor known for playing unusual characters
Klaus Kinski

Nikolaus Gunther Nakazynski




Monday 18 Oct 1926


23 Nov 1991

Klaus Kinski
Bio Details

Full name

Nikolaus Gunther Nakazynski

Also known as

Klaus Nakschinski





Date of birth

Monday 18 Oct 1926

Date of death:

23 Nov 1991

Place of death



Actor (Finished 1991)

On the 5th of September 1950, Klaus spent 3 days interred in the State Insane and Idiot Asylum of Dalldorf. He was diagnosed as having schizophrenia after professing his love for a woman twice his age, who did not reciprocate his feelings.  His file states "He says, they love each other deeply. She has long since forbidden his visits, but he has not turned away. Instead he sleeps on her balcony and hides himself in her apartment without her knowledge."

World War II

Aged 16 Kinski was drafted into the Germany army but served only two days in combat before being captured by English troops and becoming a prisoner of war.

Klaus Kinski Siblings

Inge Nakszynski


Arne Nakszynski


Jans-Joachim Nakszynski


Partners of 
Klaus Kinski

Minhoi Genevieve Loanic


1 child together

married 1971
divorce 1979

Brigitte Kinski


1 child together

married after 1955
divorce about 1969

Gislinde Kuehbeck


1 child together

divorce 1955

Klaus Kinski Children

Pola Kinski

born 1952, age 66
with Gislinde Kuehbeck

Actress, daughter of the famous Klaus Kinski

Nastassja Kinski

born 1961, age 57
with Brigitte Kinski

German Actress

Nikolai Kinski

born 1976, age 41
with Minhoi Genevieve Loanic

Klaus Kinski Partner(s) Other Children


Klaus Kinski Family

Klaus Kinski's parents:

Klaus Kinski's father is Bruno Nakszynski Klaus Kinski's mother is Susanne Nakszynski

Klaus Kinski's children:

Klaus Kinski's daughter is Nastassja Kinski Klaus Kinski's daughter is Pola Kinski Klaus Kinski's son is Nikolai Kinski

Klaus Kinski's former partners:

Klaus Kinski's former wife is Minhoi Genevieve Loanic Klaus Kinski's former wife is Brigitte Kinski Klaus Kinski's former wife is Gislinde Kuehbeck

Klaus Kinski's siblings:

Klaus Kinski's sibling is Inge Nakszynski Klaus Kinski's brother is Arne Nakszynski Klaus Kinski's brother is Jans-Joachim Nakszynski

Klaus Kinski's grandchildren:

Klaus Kinski's granddaughter is Sonja Kinski Klaus Kinski's grandson is Aljosha Moussa Klaus Kinski's granddaughter is Kenya Jones

Klaus Kinski's former in laws:

Klaus Kinski's former son in law was Ibrahim Moussa