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Partners of 
Gerry Taylor-Wood
Gerry Taylor-Wood

Partners of 
Gerry Taylor-Wood

Richard De Welles



Peter Taylor-Wood


1 child together

married about 1978

David Taylor


2 children together

married about May 1966
divorce circa 1976

Gerry Taylor-Wood
Bio Details

Full name

Geraldine Ann Taylor-Wood

Maiden name

Geraldine Ann Johns

Also known as

Geraldine De Welles

Geraldine Taylor

Geraldine Wood




71 (approx.)

Date of birth


Birth place

London, England, UK


Yoga Instructor


Spiritual Healer

About 1982 Geraldine gave Sam a note to give to her stepfather and walked out of their lives.
2015: Geraldine is in Australia running a spiritual healing centre called Grail Heaven where she and her third husband bottle the"unique Grail Haven Waters" for resale.
Earned a diploma in Psychological Astrology in London in the 1980s before setting up the International School of Astrology with branches in Britain and Australasia. 
Has written her autobiography, The Journey To A Sacred Well – Grail Haven and tells  of her premonition of her father's death which led to her walking out on her family.
Mother of Sam Taylor-Johnson
Gerry Taylor-Wood

Geraldine Ann Taylor-Wood


71 (approx.)



Gerry Taylor-Wood Partner(s) Other Children

Gerry Taylor-Wood Children

Sam Taylor-Johnson OBE

born 1967, age 51
with David Taylor

Director: Fifty Shades of Grey

Ashley Taylor-Wood

born 1971, age 47 (approx.)
with David Taylor

Kristian Taylor-Wood

born 1978, age 40 (approx.)
with Peter Taylor-Wood


Gerry Taylor-Wood Family

Gerry Taylor-Wood's parents:

Gerry Taylor-Wood's father was Albert Johns

Gerry Taylor-Wood's children:

Gerry Taylor-Wood's daughter is Sam Taylor-Johnson OBE Gerry Taylor-Wood's daughter is Ashley Taylor-Wood Gerry Taylor-Wood's son is Kristian Taylor-Wood

Gerry Taylor-Wood's current partners:

Gerry Taylor-Wood's husband is Richard De Welles Gerry Taylor-Wood's husband is Peter Taylor-Wood

Gerry Taylor-Wood's former partners:

Gerry Taylor-Wood's former husband is David Taylor

Gerry Taylor-Wood's grandchildren:

Gerry Taylor-Wood's granddaughter is Angelica Jopling Gerry Taylor-Wood's granddaughter is Jesse Jopling Gerry Taylor-Wood's granddaughter is Wylda Rae Taylor-Johnson Gerry Taylor-Wood's granddaughter is Romy Hero Taylor-Johnson

Gerry Taylor-Wood's in laws:

Gerry Taylor-Wood's son in law is Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Gerry Taylor-Wood's former in laws:

Gerry Taylor-Wood's former son in law is Jay Jopling