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Partners of 
Jill Tavelham
Jill Tavelham

Partners of 
Jill Tavelham

Phil Collins


1 child together

married 4 Aug 1984
divorce 1996

Jill Tavelham
Bio Details

Full name

Jill Tavelham





Date of birth

Monday 09 Apr 1956

Birth place

Beverley Hills, California, USA

Grouch Marx's goddaughter.
Was studying to become a teacher when she met Phil.

Jill Tavelham Siblings

Jack Tavelman


Second wife of Phil Collins
Jill Tavelham

Jill Tavelham




Monday 09 Apr 1956

Jill Tavelham Partner(s) Other Children

Jill Tavelham Children

Lily Collins

born 1989, age 32
with Phil Collins

Starred in the films Abduction and Mirror Mirror. Phil Collins Daughter

Simon Collins

born 1976, age 45
step-child with Phil Collins

Nicholas Collins

born 2001, age 20
step-child with Phil Collins

Matthew Collins

born 2004, age 17
step-child with Phil Collins


Jill Tavelham Family

Jill Tavelham's parents:

Jill Tavelham's father is Jack Tavelman Jill Tavelham's mother is Jane Tavelman

Jill Tavelham's children:

Jill Tavelham's daughter is Lily Collins Jill Tavelham's step-son is Simon Collins Jill Tavelham's step-son is Nicholas Collins Jill Tavelham's step-son is Matthew Collins

Jill Tavelham's former partners:

Jill Tavelham's former husband is Phil Collins

Jill Tavelham's siblings:

Jill Tavelham's brother is Jack Tavelman

Jill Tavelham's former in laws:

Jill Tavelham's former father in law was Greville Collins Jill Tavelham's former mother in law is June Collins Jill Tavelham's former grandfather in law was Austin Collins Jill Tavelham's former grandmother in law was Phillis Collins Jill Tavelham's former brother in law is Clive Collins Jill Tavelham's former sister in law is Carole Deamer