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Partner of 
Rita Wilson
Rita Wilson

Partners of 
Rita Wilson

Tom Hanks


2 children together

30 Apr 1988

Rita Wilson
Bio Details

Full name

Margarita Ibrahimoff

Also known as

Rita Hanks





Date of birth

Friday 26 Oct 1956

Birth place

Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, USA




Film Producer

In 2012 Rita took part in the series Who Do You Think You Are and discovered the incredible story of her father's life before he came to America in 1949.
April 2015: Revealed that she has had breast cancer and is undergoing reconstructive surgery following a double mastectomy.

Rita Wilson Siblings

Chris Wilson


Lily Wilson


Emil Ibrahimov


other parent: Alice Ibrahimoff

American Actress
Mrs Tom Hanks
Rita Wilson

Margarita Ibrahimoff




Friday 26 Oct 1956

Rita Wilson Partner(s) Other Children

Rita Wilson Children

Truman Hanks

born 1990 (aft.), age 28 (aft.)
with Tom Hanks

Chet Hanks

born 1990, age 28 (approx.)
with Tom Hanks

Son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Never Know for Sure Rapper

Colin Hanks

born 1977, age 40
step-child with Tom Hanks

Hollywood Actor Tom Hanks Son

Elizabeth Hanks

born 1982, age 36 (approx.)
step-child with Tom Hanks


Rita Wilson Family

Rita Wilson's parents:

Rita Wilson's father was Allan Wilson Rita Wilson's mother is Dorothy Wilson

Rita Wilson's former step-parents:

Rita Wilson's former step-mother was Alice Ibrahimoff

Rita Wilson's children:

Rita Wilson's son is Chet Hanks Rita Wilson's step-son is Colin Hanks Rita Wilson's son is Truman Hanks Rita Wilson's step-daughter is Elizabeth Hanks

Rita Wilson's current partners:

Rita Wilson's husband is Tom Hanks

Rita Wilson's siblings:

Rita Wilson's brother is Chris Wilson Rita Wilson's sister is Lily Wilson Rita Wilson's half-brother was Emil Ibrahimov

Rita Wilson's grandparents:

Rita Wilson's grandfather is Halil Ibrahimoff

Rita Wilson's grandchildren:

Rita Wilson's granddaughter is Daughter Of Chet Hanks

Rita Wilson's uncles and aunts:

Rita Wilson's uncle was Halil Ibrahimoff Rita Wilson's uncle was Huseyin Ibrahimoff Rita Wilson's uncle was Faik Ibrahimoff Rita Wilson's aunt was Rabiye Ibrahimoff Rita Wilson's uncle is Ferhat Ibrahimoff

Rita Wilson's in laws:

Rita Wilson's father in law was Amos Hanks Rita Wilson's mother in law is Janet Hanks Rita Wilson's step-father in law was Rudolph Turner Rita Wilson's grandfather in law was Ernest Hanks Rita Wilson's grandmother in law is Gladys Hanks Rita Wilson's grandfather in law is Clarence Frager Rita Wilson's grandmother in law is Elexio Frager Rita Wilson's sister in law is Sandra Hanks Benoiton Rita Wilson's brother in law is Larry Hanks Rita Wilson's brother in law is Jim Hanks Rita Wilson's brother in law-by-marriage is Karen Praxel Hanks