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Andrew Upton
Partners of 
Andrew Upton

Playwright husband of Cate Blanchett
Andrew Upton

Andrew Upton




Tuesday 01 Feb 1966

Andrew Upton
Bio Details

Andrew Upton Siblings

Louise Upton


Partners of 
Andrew Upton

Cate Blanchett


4 children together

29 Dec 1997

Andrew Upton Children

Dashiell Upton

born 2001, age 16
with Cate Blanchett

First Son of Acclaimed Actress Cate Blanchard

Roman Upton

born 2004, age 14
with Cate Blanchett

Second Son of Acclaimed Actress Cate Blanchard

Ignatius Upton

born 2008, age 10
with Cate Blanchett

Third Son of Acclaimed Actress Cate Blanchett

Edith Upton

born 2015, age 3 (approx.)
adopted with Cate Blanchett

Andrew Upton Partner(s) Other Children


Andrew Upton Family

Andrew Upton's children:

Andrew Upton's son is Dashiell Upton Andrew Upton's son is Roman Upton Andrew Upton's son is Ignatius Upton Andrew Upton's adopted daughter is Edith Upton

Andrew Upton's current partners:

Andrew Upton's wife is Cate Blanchett

Andrew Upton's siblings:

Andrew Upton's sister is Louise Upton

Andrew Upton's in laws:

Andrew Upton's father in law was Robert Blanchett Andrew Upton's mother in law is June Blanchett Andrew Upton's brother in law is Bob Blanchett Andrew Upton's sister in law is Genevieve Blanchett