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Denis Compton
Partners of 
Denis Compton

Legendary England cricketer (and footballer)
Denis Compton

Denis Charles Scott Compton




Thursday 23 May 1918


23 Apr 1997

Denis Compton
Bio Details

Full name

Denis Charles Scott Compton





Date of birth

Thursday 23 May 1918

Birth place

Hendon, London, England, UK

Date of death:

23 Apr 1997

Place of death

Windsor, Berkshire, England, UK


Bell Lane School, Hendon, London, England, United Kingdom

Denis Compton Siblings

Leslie Compton


Hilda Compton


Partners of 
Denis Compton

Christine Compton


2 children together

Aug 1975

Valerie Compton


2 children together

married Oct 1951
divorce 1968

Doris Compton


1 child together

married Mar 1941
divorce Sep 1950

Denis Compton Children

Brian Compton

born 1942, age 76 (approx.)
with Doris Compton

Patrick Compton

born 1952, age 65
with Valerie Compton

Richard Compton

born 1956, age 62
with Valerie Compton

Charlotte Compton

born 1977, age 41 (approx.)
with Christine Compton

Victoria Compton

born 1984, age 34 (approx.)
with Christine Compton

Denis Compton Partner(s) Other Children


Denis Compton Family

Denis Compton's parents:

Denis Compton's father is Henry Compton Denis Compton's mother is Jessie Compton

Denis Compton's children:

Denis Compton's son is Brian Compton Denis Compton's son is Patrick Compton Denis Compton's son is Richard Compton Denis Compton's daughter is Charlotte Compton Denis Compton's daughter is Victoria Compton

Denis Compton's current partners:

Denis Compton's wife was Christine Compton

Denis Compton's former partners:

Denis Compton's former wife is Valerie Compton Denis Compton's former wife is Doris Compton

Denis Compton's siblings:

Denis Compton's brother was Leslie Compton Denis Compton's sister is Hilda Compton

Denis Compton's grandchildren:

Denis Compton's grandson is Nick Compton Denis Compton's grandson is Ben Compton Denis Compton's granddaughter is Alex Compton

Denis Compton's in laws:

Denis Compton's daughter in law is Glynis Compton