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Kaid Mohamed
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Kaid Mohamed

Kaid Mohamed

Kaid Mohamed

Kaid Mohamed
Bio Details

Full name

Kaid Mohamed



Broke his neck and back when he fell whilst running from a gang in Cardiff.  Kaid was left paralysed from the neck down.

Kaid Mohamed Siblings

Danielle Bux


other parent: Roy Bux

Samerah Mohamed


Yasmeen Mohamed


Partners of 
Kaid Mohamed


Kaid Mohamed Family

Kaid Mohamed's parents:

Kaid Mohamed's father is Alex Mohamed Kaid Mohamed's mother was Kim Mohamed Kaid Mohamed's step-father is Roy Bux

Kaid Mohamed's siblings:

Kaid Mohamed's half-sister is Danielle Bux Kaid Mohamed's sister is Samerah Mohamed Kaid Mohamed's sister is Yasmeen Mohamed

Kaid Mohamed's nieces and nephews:

Kaid Mohamed's niece is Ella Willis Kaid Mohamed's niece is Romy Greenwald