Johnny Gunn

John Gunn

Other Partners

Professional Partners


Other Partners

Alex Goulandris


1 child together

relationship began about 2000
until about 2000

Professional Partners

Laetitia Cash Siblings

William Cash


Samuel Cash


Laetitia Cash

Laetitia Mary Cash


45 (approx.)


Aug 1973

His Other Children

Children Together

Her Other Children

Tess-Alexandra Goulandris

born 2000, age 18 (approx.)
with Alex Goulandris

Johnny Gunn
Bio Details

Full name

John Gunn






Johnny Gunn Family

Johnny Gunn's children:

Johnny Gunn's step-daughter is Tess-Alexandra Goulandris

Johnny Gunn's current partners:

Johnny Gunn's wife is Laetitia Cash

Johnny Gunn's in laws:

Johnny Gunn's father in law is Bill Cash Johnny Gunn's grandfather in law was Paul Cash Johnny Gunn's brother in law is William Cash Johnny Gunn's mother in law is Bridget Cash Johnny Gunn's grandmother in law is Moyra Cash Johnny Gunn's grandfather in law is James Lee Johnny Gunn's brother in law is Samuel Cash

Laetitia Cash
Bio Details


Laetitia Cash Family

Laetitia Cash's parents:

Laetitia Cash's father is Bill Cash Laetitia Cash's mother is Bridget Cash

Laetitia Cash's children:

Laetitia Cash's daughter is Tess-Alexandra Goulandris

Laetitia Cash's current partners:

Laetitia Cash's husband is Johnny Gunn

Laetitia Cash's former partners:

Laetitia Cash had a relationship with Alex Goulandris

Laetitia Cash's siblings:

Laetitia Cash's brother is William Cash Laetitia Cash's brother is Samuel Cash

Laetitia Cash's grandparents:

Laetitia Cash's grandfather was Paul Cash Laetitia Cash's grandfather is James Lee Laetitia Cash's grandmother is Moyra Cash

Laetitia Cash's great grandparents:

Laetitia Cash's great grandfather is Samuel Cash Laetitia Cash's great grandmother is Edith Cash