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Eamon Farrell
Partners of 
Eamon Farrell

Father of Hollywood Movie Star Colin Farrell
Eamon Farrell

Eamon Farrell


76 (approx.)



Eamon Farrell
Bio Details

Full name

Eamon Farrell




76 (approx.)

Date of birth



Health Food Shop Proprietor


Professional footballer for Shamrock Rovers.

Eamon Farrell Siblings

Tommy Farrell


Partners of 
Eamon Farrell

Eileen Pollard


Jul 2016

Rita Farrell


4 children together

divorce before 2003

Eamon Farrell Children

Eamonn Farrell jr

born 1970, age 48 (approx.)
with Rita Farrell

Brother of Hollywood Movie Star Colin Farrell

Catherine Farrell

born 1972, age 46 (approx.)
with Rita Farrell

Sister of Hollywood Movie Star Colin Farrell

Claudine Farrell

born 1974, age 44 (approx.)
with Rita Farrell

Sister of Hollywood Movie Star Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell

born 1976, age 42
with Rita Farrell

Irish Hollywood Movie Star

Eamon Farrell Partner(s) Other Children


Eamon Farrell Family

Eamon Farrell's children:

Eamon Farrell's son is Colin Farrell Eamon Farrell's son is Eamonn Farrell jr Eamon Farrell's daughter is Catherine Farrell Eamon Farrell's daughter is Claudine Farrell

Eamon Farrell's current partners:

Eamon Farrell's wife is Eileen Pollard

Eamon Farrell's former partners:

Eamon Farrell's former wife is Rita Farrell

Eamon Farrell's siblings:

Eamon Farrell's brother is Tommy Farrell

Eamon Farrell's grandchildren:

Eamon Farrell's grandson is Jimmy Farrell Eamon Farrell's grandson is Henry Farrell

Eamon Farrell's in laws:

Eamon Farrell's son in law is Stephen Mannion

Eamon Farrell's former in laws:

Eamon Farrell's former daughter in law is Amelia Warner Eamon Farrell's former father in law was James Monaghan Eamon Farrell's former mother in law is Elizabeth Monaghan