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Partners of 
Patricia Bond
Patricia Bond

Partners of 
Patricia Bond

Jack Bond


married after 1980
divorce 1994

Robert Miller


1 child together

married 1976
divorce 1980

Paul Aaron


married Sep 1970
divorce 1971

Samuel Reeves


2 children together

married 1964
divorce 1966

Patricia Bond
Bio Details

Full name

Patricia Bond

Maiden name

Patricia Taylor



Birth place

Hampshire, UK


Costume Designer


Patricia Bond

Patricia Bond

Patricia Bond Partner(s) Other Children

Patricia Bond Children

Karina Miller

with Robert Miller

Keanu Reeves

born 1964, age 55
with Samuel Reeves

Speed and Matrix Star

Kim Reeves

born 1966, age 53
with Samuel Reeves


Patricia Bond Family

Patricia Bond's children:

Patricia Bond's son is Keanu Reeves Patricia Bond's daughter is Karina Miller Patricia Bond's daughter is Kim Reeves

Patricia Bond's former partners:

Patricia Bond's former husband is Jack Bond Patricia Bond's former husband is Robert Miller Patricia Bond's former husband is Paul Aaron Patricia Bond's former husband is Samuel Reeves

Patricia Bond's grandchildren:

Patricia Bond's granddaughter was Ava Reeves

Patricia Bond's former in laws:

Patricia Bond's former father in law is Samuel Reeves Patricia Bond's former mother in law is Momilani Abrahams Patricia Bond's former step-father in law is Coleman Abrahams Patricia Bond's former brother in law is Victor Reeves