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Jimmy Page
Partners of 
Jimmy Page

Guitarist in Led Zeppelin
Jimmy Page

James Patrick Page




Sunday 09 Jan 1944

Jimmy Page
Bio Details

Full name

James Patrick Page





Date of birth

Sunday 09 Jan 1944

Birth place

Heston, Middlesex, England UK

Grammy Awards

2005 - Lifetime Achievement Award

Partners of 
Jimmy Page

Scarlet Sabet


dating from Jan 2015

Jimena Page


3 children together

married Apr 1995
divorce Jul 2008

Patricia Page


1 child together

married Dec 1986
divorce 1995

Bebe Buell


relationship began about 1975

Lori Mattix


relationship began about 1972
until about 1975

Pamela Des Barres


relationship began circa 1972

Charlotte Martin


1 child together

relationship began 1970
until about Oct 1986

Josette Caruso

Brief Liaison

brief liaison from 1969
until 1969

Jimmy Page Children

Scarlet Page

born 1971, age 47
with Charlotte Martin

James Page III

born 1988, age 30
with Patricia Page

Zofia Page

born 1997, age 21 (approx.)
with Jimena Page

Ashen Page

born 1999, age 19 (approx.)
with Jimena Page

Jana Page

born 1994, age 23
adopted with Jimena Page

Jimmy Page Partner(s) Other Children


Jimmy Page Family

Jimmy Page's parents:

Jimmy Page's father is James Page Jimmy Page's mother is Patricia Page

Jimmy Page's children:

Jimmy Page's daughter is Scarlet Page Jimmy Page's son is James Page III Jimmy Page's daughter is Zofia Page Jimmy Page's son is Ashen Page Jimmy Page's adopted daughter is Jana Page

Jimmy Page's current partners:

Jimmy Page is dating Scarlet Sabet

Jimmy Page's former partners:

Jimmy Page had a relationship with Bebe Buell Jimmy Page had a relationship with Lori Mattix Jimmy Page's former husband is Jimena Page Jimmy Page's former husband is Patricia Page Jimmy Page had a relationship with Pamela Des Barres Jimmy Page had a relationship with Charlotte Martin Jimmy Page had a brief liaison with Josette Caruso

Jimmy Page's grandchildren:

Jimmy Page's granddaughter is Martha Brown Jimmy Page's grandson is Griffin Brown

Jimmy Page's in laws:

Jimmy Page's son in law is Tom Brown

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