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Terry Melcher
Partners of 
Terry Melcher

Famous music producer
Terry Melcher

Terrence P Melcher




Sunday 08 Feb 1942


19 Nov 2004

Terry Melcher
Bio Details

Full name

Terrence P Melcher

Maiden name

Terrence P Jorden





Date of birth

Sunday 08 Feb 1942

Birth place

New York City, New York, USA

Date of death:

19 Nov 2004

Place of death

At his home in Beverly Hills, California, USA

Cause of death




Music Producer

A producer for amongst others the Byrds and the Beach Boys, he was also a singer and songwriter.  Later in life he became the agent for his mother Doris Day for whom he wrote the song Move Over Darling.
Terry Melcher was a witness in the trial of the Charles Manson murderers who had killed the actress Sharon Tate.  Melcher had turned down Manson for a recording contract which led to him hiring a bodyguard.  He later  believed Manson had gone to his former home at 10050 Cielo Drive in Los Angeles in 1969 with the intention to kill him but the house had been rented out to to Roman Polanski and his wife Sharon Tate. 

Partners of 
Terry Melcher

Terese Melcher



Melissa Brown


married 7 Feb 1974
divorce 1977

Candice Bergen


relationship began circa 1971

Claudia Roberts

On-Off relationship

relationship resumed after 1966
until circa 1971

Jacqueline Carlin


1 child together

divorce 1997

Terry Melcher Children

Ryan Melcher

with Jacqueline Carlin

Terry Melcher Partner(s) Other Children


Terry Melcher Family

Terry Melcher's parents:

Terry Melcher's mother is Doris Day Terry Melcher's step-father was Marty Melcher Terry Melcher's father was Al Jorden Terry Melcher's step-mother was Willetta Jorden

Terry Melcher's former step-parents:

Terry Melcher's former step-father was Barry Comden Terry Melcher's former step-father was George Weidler

Terry Melcher's children:

Terry Melcher's son is Ryan Melcher

Terry Melcher's current partners:

Terry Melcher's wife was Terese Melcher

Terry Melcher's former partners:

Terry Melcher had a relationship with Candice Bergen Terry Melcher's former wife is Jacqueline Carlin Terry Melcher's former wife is Melissa Brown Terry Melcher had an on-off relationship with Claudia Roberts

Terry Melcher's grandparents:

Terry Melcher's grandfather is William Kappelhoff Terry Melcher's grandmother is Alma Welz

Terry Melcher's step-grandparents:

Terry Melcher's step-grandfather was Alter Melcher

Terry Melcher's former step-grandparents:

Terry Melcher's former step-grandfather was Alfred Weidler Terry Melcher's former step-grandmother was Margaret Weidler

Terry Melcher's uncles and aunts:

Terry Melcher's uncle was Richard Day Terry Melcher's uncle is Paul Day

Terry Melcher's great uncles and aunts:

Terry Melcher's great uncle is Frank Welz Terry Melcher's great uncle is Charley Welz