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Partners of 
Emma B
Emma B 

Partners of 
Emma B

Ollie Oxley


1 child together

relationship began about 2009

Brian Harvey

Broken Engagement

engaged from Jan 2003
until circa 2009

Emma B
Bio Details

Full name

Emma Blocksage



Date of death:

28 Apr 1979

Place of death

Hastings, Sussex, England, UK



Not to be confused with the DJ Emma Boughton who is also known as Emma B.

Emma B Siblings

Hannah Blocksage


Glamour model 
Emma B

Emma Blocksage


28 Apr 1979

Emma B Partner(s) Other Children

Emma B Children

Mason Oxley

born 2010, age 8 (approx.)
with Ollie Oxley


Emma B Family

Emma B's parents:

Emma B's father is Ernie Blocksage Emma B's mother is Sandra Blocksage

Emma B's children:

Emma B's son is Mason Oxley

Emma B's current partners:

Emma B had a relationship with Ollie Oxley

Emma B's former partners:

Emma B is the former fiance of Brian Harvey

Emma B's siblings:

Emma B's sister is Hannah Blocksage