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Terry O'Neill
Partners of 
Terry O'Neill

Celebrity photographer
Terry O'Neill

Terence Patrick O'Neill




Saturday 30 Jul 1938


17 Nov 2019

Terry O'Neill
Bio Details

Full name

Terence Patrick O'Neill





Date of birth

Saturday 30 Jul 1938

Birth place

London, UK

Date of death:

17 Nov 2019

Cause of death

Prostate cancer

Terry O'Neill Siblings

Angela O'Neill


Partners of 
Terry O'Neill

Laraine Ashton


Feb 2001

Martha Stewart


dated from circa 1990

Faye Dunaway


1 child together

married 1982
divorce 26 Mar 1987

Vera Day


2 children together

married 28 Nov 1963
divorce about 1978

Terry O'Neill Children

Sarah O'Neill

born 1967, age 52 (approx.)
with Vera Day

Keegan O'Neill

born 1974, age 45 (approx.)
with Vera Day

Liam O'Neill

born 1980, age 39
adopted with Faye Dunaway

Claude McCullin

born 1987, age 32 (approx.)
step-child with Laraine Ashton

Terry O'Neill Partner(s) Other Children


Terry O'Neill Family

Terry O'Neill's parents:

Terry O'Neill's father is Leonard O'Neill Terry O'Neill's mother is Josephine O'Neill

Terry O'Neill's children:

Terry O'Neill's daughter is Sarah O'Neill Terry O'Neill's son is Keegan O'Neill Terry O'Neill's step-son is Claude McCullin Terry O'Neill's adopted son is Liam O'Neill

Terry O'Neill's current partners:

Terry O'Neill's wife was Laraine Ashton

Terry O'Neill's former partners:

Terry O'Neill dated Martha Stewart Terry O'Neill's former wife is Faye Dunaway Terry O'Neill's former wife is Vera Day

Terry O'Neill's siblings:

Terry O'Neill's sister is Angela O'Neill

Terry O'Neill's grandchildren:

Terry O'Neill's grandson is Benjamin

Terry O'Neill's former in laws:

Terry O'Neill's former father in law is John Dunaway Terry O'Neill's former mother in law is Grace Dunaway Terry O'Neill's former brother in law is Mac Dunaway

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