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Pablo Picasso
Partners of 
Pablo Picasso

Influential Artist and creator of Cubism 
Pablo Picasso

Pablo Ruiz Y Picasso




Tuesday 25 Oct 1881


8 Apr 1973

Pablo Picasso
Bio Details

Full name

Pablo Ruiz Y Picasso

Also known as

Pablo Diego José Francisco De Paula Juan Nepomuceno María De Los Remedios Cipriano De La Santísima Trinidad Martyr Patricio Clito Ruíz Y Picasso





Date of birth

Tuesday 25 Oct 1881

Birth place

Malaga, Spain

Date of death:

8 Apr 1973

Place of death


Cause of death

Heart Seizure




Partners of 
Pablo Picasso

Jacquiline Roque


1961 - 1973

Francoise Gilot


2 children together

relationship began 1944
until 1953

Dora Maar


relationship began 1936
until 1944

Marie-Therese Walter


1 child together

relationship began 1927
until 1936

Olga Khokhlova


1 child together

married 1917
divorce 1943

Gaby Depeyre


relationship began about 1916

Eva Gouel


relationship began 1911
until 1915

Fernande Olivier


relationship began 1904
until 1911

Coco Chanel

Rumoured Romance

Pablo Picasso Children

Paulo Picasso

with Olga Khokhlova

Claude Picasso

with Francoise Gilot

Paloma Picasso

with Francoise Gilot

Maya Ruiz-Picasso

born 1935, died 2022, age 87
with Marie-Therese Walter

Pablo Picasso Partner(s) Other Children


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Pablo Picasso Family

Pablo Picasso's parents:

Pablo Picasso's father is Don Jose Ruiz Y Blasco Pablo Picasso's mother is Maria Picasso Y Lopez

Pablo Picasso's children:

Pablo Picasso's son is Paulo Picasso Pablo Picasso's son is Claude Picasso Pablo Picasso's daughter is Paloma Picasso Pablo Picasso's daughter was Maya Ruiz-Picasso

Pablo Picasso's current partners:

Pablo Picasso was rumoured to had a romance with Coco Chanel

Pablo Picasso's former partners:

Pablo Picasso's former wife was Jacquiline Roque Pablo Picasso had a relationship with Francoise Gilot Pablo Picasso had a relationship with Dora Maar Pablo Picasso had a relationship with Marie-Therese Walter Pablo Picasso's former wife was Olga Khokhlova Pablo Picasso had a relationship with Gaby Depeyre Pablo Picasso had a relationship with Eva Gouel Pablo Picasso had a relationship with Fernande Olivier

Pablo Picasso's grandchildren:

Pablo Picasso's grandson is Olivier Picasso Pablo Picasso's grandson is Pablito Picasso Pablo Picasso's granddaughter is Marina Picasso Pablo Picasso's grandson is Richard Widmaier Pablo Picasso's granddaughter is Diana Widmaier-Ruiz-Picasso

Pablo Picasso's in laws:

Pablo Picasso's daughter in law is Emilienne Picasso Pablo Picasso's son in law is Pierre Widmaier

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