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John Mara
Partner of 
John Mara

John Mara

John Kevin Mara




Wednesday 01 Dec 1954

John Mara
Bio Details

Full name

John Kevin Mara





Date of birth

Wednesday 01 Dec 1954

Birth place

New York, New York, USA



President of The New York Giants (2005)


Iona College, New Rochelle, New York, United States

Boston College, Boston, Massachusetts, United States (Finished 1976)

Fordham University, New York City, New York, United States (1976 - 1979)

John Mara Siblings

Frank Mara


Sheila Durkin


Susan McDonnell


Stephen Mara


Kathleen Morehouse


Maureen Brown


Ann Cacase


Chris Mara


Meghan Brennan


Colleen McLane


Partners of 
John Mara

Denise Mara


5 children together

John Mara Children

John Mara Jr.

with Denise Mara

Erin Mara

with Denise Mara

Lauren Chaput

born 1982, age 36 (approx.)
with Denise Mara

Courtney Billings

born 1983, age 35 (approx.)
with Denise Mara

Christine Ward

born 1986, age 32 (approx.)
with Denise Mara

John Mara Partner(s) Other Children


John Mara Family

John Mara's parents:

John Mara's father was Wellington Mara John Mara's mother is Ann Mara

John Mara's children:

John Mara's son is John Mara Jr. John Mara's daughter is Erin Mara John Mara's daughter is Lauren Chaput John Mara's daughter is Courtney Billings John Mara's daughter is Christine Ward

John Mara's current partners:

John Mara's wife is Denise Mara

John Mara's siblings:

John Mara's brother is Frank Mara John Mara's brother is Chris Mara John Mara's sister is Sheila Durkin John Mara's sister is Susan McDonnell John Mara's brother is Stephen Mara John Mara's sister is Kathleen Morehouse John Mara's sister is Maureen Brown John Mara's sister is Ann Cacase John Mara's sister is Meghan Brennan John Mara's sister is Colleen McLane

John Mara's nieces and nephews:

John Mara's niece is Kate Mara John Mara's niece is Rooney Mara John Mara's nephew is John Mara John Mara's nephew is Stephen Mara John Mara's nephew is Daniel Mara John Mara's nephew is Conor Mara

John Mara's grandparents:

John Mara's grandfather was Tim Mara John Mara's grandmother is Lizette Mara

John Mara's uncles and aunts:

John Mara's uncle was Jack Mara

John Mara's cousins:

John Mara's cousin was Timothy J. Mara II John Mara's cousin is Maura Concannon

John Mara's first cousins once removed:

John Mara's first cousin once removed is Christine Geithner John Mara's first cousin once removed is Kathleen Anderson John Mara's first cousin once removed is Sheila Melvin

John Mara's in laws:

John Mara's son in law is Stephen Chaput John Mara's son in law is Thomas Billings John Mara's son in law is Christopher Ward