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Partners of 
Helen Redford
Helen Redford

Partners of 
Helen Redford

Charlie Redford



Frederick Van Coomber


1 child together

divorce before 1956

Helen Redford
Bio Details

Full name

Helen Redford

Maiden name

Helen Coomber




AADA - American Academy of Dramatic Arts, New York, United States

Helen Redford

Helen Redford

Helen Redford Partner(s) Other Children

Helen Redford Children

Bill Coomber

born 1956 (bef.), age 62 (bef.)
with Frederick Van Coomber

Robert Redford

born 1936, age 81
step-child with Charlie Redford

Hollywood Heartthrob Actor and Film Director


Helen Redford Family

Helen Redford's children:

Helen Redford's step-son is Robert Redford Helen Redford's son is Bill Coomber

Helen Redford's current partners:

Helen Redford's husband is Charlie Redford

Helen Redford's former partners:

Helen Redford's former husband is Frederick Van Coomber

Helen Redford's in laws:

Helen Redford's father in law was Charles Elijah Redford Helen Redford's mother in law was Lena Redford Helen Redford's grandfather in law was Charles Redford Helen Redford's grandmother in law is Jane Redford Helen Redford's brother in law is David George Redford Helen Redford's husband Charlie Redford's aunt in law was Grace Redford Helen Redford's husband Charlie Redford's aunt in law was Claribel Redford