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Partners of 
Lola Burrill
Lola Burrill

Partners of 
Lola Burrill

George Burrill


1985 (aft.)

Robert Redford


4 children together

married 9 Aug 1958
divorce 1985

Lola Burrill
Bio Details

Full name

Lola Burrill

Maiden name

Lola Van Wagenan

Also known as

Lola Redford




79 (approx.)

Date of birth

Dec 1938

Lola Burrill

Lola Burrill


79 (approx.)


Dec 1938

Lola Burrill Partner(s) Other Children

Lola Burrill Children

Scott Anthony Redford

born 1959, died 1959, age 2 months
with Robert Redford

Shauna Schlosser

born 1960, age 57
with Robert Redford

James Redford

born 1962, age 56
with Robert Redford

Amy Redford

born 1970, age 47
with Robert Redford


Lola Burrill Family

Lola Burrill's children:

Lola Burrill's son is James Redford Lola Burrill's daughter is Amy Redford Lola Burrill's son was Scott Anthony Redford Lola Burrill's daughter is Shauna Schlosser

Lola Burrill's current partners:

Lola Burrill's husband is George Burrill

Lola Burrill's former partners:

Lola Burrill's former husband is Robert Redford

Lola Burrill's grandchildren:

Lola Burrill's grandson is Dylan Redford

Lola Burrill's in laws:

Lola Burrill's son in law is Eric Schlosser Lola Burrill's daughter in law is Kyle Redford

Lola Burrill's former in laws:

Lola Burrill's former father in law is Charlie Redford Lola Burrill's former mother in law was Martha Redford Lola Burrill's former step-mother in law is Helen Redford Lola Burrill's former grandfather in law was Charles Elijah Redford Lola Burrill's former grandmother in law was Lena Redford Lola Burrill's former grandfather in law was Archie Hart Lola Burrill's former grandmother in law was Sallie Hart Lola Burrill's former step-brother in law is Bill Coomber Lola Burrill's former husband Robert Redford's uncle in law is David George Redford