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John Bryan
Partners of 
John Bryan

As the Duchess of York's "toe-sucker".
John Bryan

John A Bryan jr


63 (approx.)



John Bryan
Bio Details

Full name

John A Bryan jr




63 (approx.)

Date of birth


John Bryan Siblings

Baby Bryan


Partners of 
John Bryan

Astrid Coppens


married 2005
divorce Mar 2014

Sarah, Duchess of York
Sarah Ferguson


dated from Apr 1992

Flossie Knudsen,
Christina Knudsen


until before 2001


John Bryan Family

John Bryan's parents:

John Bryan's father was Anthony J A Bryan John Bryan's mother was Lida Bryan John Bryan's step-father is Geraldyn Redmond John Bryan's step-mother is Linda Bryan

John Bryan's former step-parents:

John Bryan's former step-mother is Pamela Bryan John Bryan's former step-mother is Josephine Bryan John Bryan's former step-father is David Reismeyer

John Bryan's former partners:

John Bryan dated Sarah, Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson John Bryan's former husband is Astrid Coppens John Bryan had a relationship with Flossie Knudsen, Christina Knudsen

John Bryan's siblings:

John Bryan's sister is Baby Bryan

John Bryan's grandparents:

John Bryan's grandfather is William O Schock John Bryan's grandmother was Lida Crawford Schock John Bryan's grandfather was Ferdinand Bryan John Bryan's grandmother is Marjorie Bryan

John Bryan's former step-grandparents:

John Bryan's former step-grandfather is George Zauderer John Bryan's former step-grandfather was James Smithers Abercrombie John Bryan's former step-grandmother was Lillie Abercrombie John Bryan's former step-grandfather is Frederick Reismeyer

John Bryan's uncles and aunts:

John Bryan's aunt is Patricia Bryan John Bryan's uncle is William C Schock John Bryan's aunt was Jean Langenberg