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Eric Benet
Partners of 
Eric Benet

R&B Singer and Halle Berry's ex husband
Eric Benet

Eric Benet Jordan




Saturday 15 Oct 1966

Eric Benet
Bio Details

Full name

Eric Benet Jordan





Date of birth

Saturday 15 Oct 1966


Singer & Recording Artist

Eric Benet Siblings

Lisa Jordan


Partners of 
Eric Benet

Manuela Testonlini


2 children together

31 Jul 2011

Halle Berry


married 2001
divorce 2005

Tami Marie Stauff


1 child together

relationship began before 1990

Eric Benet Children

India Benet

born 1991, age 27 (approx.)
with Tami Marie Stauff

Lucia Benet

born 2011, age 6
with Manuela Testonlini

Amoura Benet

born 2014, age 3
with Manuela Testonlini

Eric Benet Partner(s) Other Children


Eric Benet Family

Eric Benet's parents:

Eric Benet's father is Lawrence Jordan Eric Benet's mother is Joyce Jordan

Eric Benet's children:

Eric Benet's daughter is India Benet Eric Benet's daughter is Lucia Benet Eric Benet's daughter is Amoura Benet

Eric Benet's current partners:

Eric Benet's wife is Manuela Testonlini

Eric Benet's former partners:

Eric Benet's former wife is Halle Berry Eric Benet had a relationship with Tami Marie Stauff

Eric Benet's siblings:

Eric Benet's sister is Lisa Jordan

Eric Benet's in laws:

Eric Benet's sister in law is Daniela Dykeman Eric Benet's brother in law-by-marriage is Michael Dykeman

Eric Benet's former in laws:

Eric Benet's former father in law is Jerome Berry Eric Benet's former mother in law is Judith Berry Eric Benet's former sister in law is Heidi Berry-Henderson