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Partner of 
Alice Tan Ridley
Alice Tan Ridley

Partners of 
Alice Tan Ridley

Ibnou Sidibe


1 child together

divorce 1995

Alice Tan Ridley
Bio Details

Full name

Alice Tan Ridley





Nursery School Teacher

Alice is an R&B singer who performs in Times Square subway. She was offered the part of the Mother in the film Precious but turned it down and suggested her daughter to play the star role. 
America's Got Talent Contestant and Gabourey Sidebe's Mother
Alice Tan Ridley

Alice Tan Ridley

Alice Tan Ridley Partner(s) Other Children

Alice Tan Ridley Children

Gabourey Sidibe

born 1983, age 35
with Ibnou Sidibe

American Actress in Precious


Alice Tan Ridley Family

Alice Tan Ridley's children:

Alice Tan Ridley's daughter is Gabourey Sidibe

Alice Tan Ridley's former partners:

Alice Tan Ridley's former husband is Ibnou Sidibe