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Karl Lagerfeld
Partner of 
Karl Lagerfeld

German Fashion Designer
Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Otto Lagerfeld




Sunday 10 Sep 1933


19 Feb 2019

Karl Lagerfeld
Bio Details

Full name

Karl Otto Lagerfeld

Also known as

Kaiser Karl

Karl Lagerfelt





Date of birth

Sunday 10 Sep 1933

Birth place

Hamburg, Germany

Date of death:

19 Feb 2019

Place of death

Paris, France


Fashion Designer


Bookshop Owner

Book Publisher

Karl took over fashion house Chanel in 1983 and it has become one of the most profitable luxury brands in the world.
It is sometimes reported that Karl's original name was originally spelled as Lagerfeldt. However, two years prior to Karl's birth, the death announcement for his grandfather in the Hamburg News of 24 June 1931 spelled the family name as Lagerfeld. No extra t.

Karl Lagerfeld Siblings

Thea Lagerfeld


other parent: First-wife-of-Otto Lagerfeld

Christel Johnson


Partners of 
Karl Lagerfeld

Jacques De Bascher

Close Friendship

close friendship from about 1971
until 1989


Karl Lagerfeld Family

Karl Lagerfeld's parents:

Karl Lagerfeld's father was Otto Lagerfeld Karl Lagerfeld's mother was Elisabeth Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld's former step-parents:

Karl Lagerfeld's former step-mother was First-wife-of-Otto Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld's former partners:

Karl Lagerfeld had a close friendship with Jacques De Bascher

Karl Lagerfeld's siblings:

Karl Lagerfeld's half-sister is Thea Lagerfeld Karl Lagerfeld's sister was Christel Johnson

Karl Lagerfeld's nieces and nephews:

Karl Lagerfeld's niece is Caroline Johnson Karl Lagerfeld's nephew is Roger Johnson Karl Lagerfeld's nephew is Paul Johnson Karl Lagerfeld's nephew is Karl Johnson

Karl Lagerfeld's grandparents:

Karl Lagerfeld's grandfather was Karl Bahlmann Karl Lagerfeld's grandmother is Emilie Bahlmann Karl Lagerfeld's grandfather was Johann Lagerfeld Karl Lagerfeld's grandmother is Maria Lagerfeld