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Calum Best
Partners of 
Calum Best

Playboy son of soccer legend George Best
Calum Best

Calum Milan Best




Friday 06 Feb 1981

Calum Best
Bio Details

Full name

Calum Milan Best





Date of birth

Friday 06 Feb 1981

Birth place

Good Samaritan Hospital, San Jose, California, USA



Reality TV Personality

Was declared bankrupt in 2013 after being unable to pay a tax bill. 

Partners of 
Calum Best

Lindsey Pelas


dated from 2016

Ianthe Rose Cochrane-Stack

On-Off relationship

relationship resumed about May 2015
until about Jul 2015

Brandi Glanville


shomance from 2015
until about 2015

Anna Abromovich

Allegedly Dated

allegedly dated from about Jun 2012

Donna Air

Brief Flirtation

flirting from Sep 2011
until Sep 2011

Georgia Salpa


relationship began about Feb 2011
until about Sep 2011

Hazel O'Sullivan

Brief Fling

brief fling from about 2011
until 2011

Lindsay Lohan


relationship began May 2007
until circa Aug 2007

Bianca Gascoigne


shomance from Jul 2006
until after Aug 2006

Lorna Hogan


1 child together

relationship began 2 Dec 2005
until 2 Dec 2006

Jayne Middlemiss


shomance from Jun 2005
until about Jul 2005

Sarah Harding


dated from about Feb 2005
until about Nov 2005

Lizzy Jagger

Allegedly Dated

allegedly dated from about Jan 2005
until about Mar 2005

Carolina Gynning


dated from about 2004
until about 2004

Emily Jones


dated from before 2004

Natalie Richardson

Brief Fling

brief fling from about 2003
until about 2003

Rachel Hunter

Alleged Liaison

alleged liaison about 2002

Caprice Bourret

Allegedly Dated

allegedly dated from 2001

Victoria Hervey


Victoria Silvstedt

Alleged Romance

Jodie Marsh

Allegedly Dated

Orlaith McAllister

Brief Liaison

Kimberley Stewart

Allegedly Dated

Catalina Guirado

Alleged Liaison

Calum Best Children

Amelia Best

born 2006, age 11
with Lorna Hogan

Calum Best Partner(s) Other Children


Calum Best Family

Calum Best's parents:

Calum Best's father was George Best Calum Best's mother is Angie Best

Calum Best's former step-parents:

Calum Best's former step-mother is Alex Best

Calum Best's children:

Calum Best's daughter is Amelia Best

Calum Best's current partners:

Calum Best has a brief liaison with Orlaith McAllister Calum Best allegedly has a relationship with Kimberley Stewart Calum Best dated Emily Jones

Calum Best's former partners:

Calum Best had a relationship with Lindsay Lohan Calum Best dated Sarah Harding Calum Best allegedly dated Jodie Marsh Calum Best dated Lindsey Pelas Calum Best had an on-off relationship with Ianthe Rose Cochrane-Stack Calum Best had a relationship with Georgia Salpa Calum Best had a brief fling with Hazel O'Sullivan Calum Best allegedly dated Lizzy Jagger Calum Best had a brief fling with Natalie Richardson Calum Best allegedly dated Caprice Bourret Calum Best had a relationship with Victoria Hervey Calum Best allegedly had a romance with Victoria Silvstedt Calum Best allegedly dated Anna Abromovich Calum Best had a relationship with Lorna Hogan Calum Best dated Carolina Gynning

Calum Best's grandparents:

Calum Best's grandfather is Joe Janes Calum Best's grandmother is Mimi Janes Calum Best's grandfather is Dickie Best Calum Best's grandmother was Ann Best

Calum Best's great grandparents:

Calum Best's great grandfather was George Withers Calum Best's great grandmother is "Granny" Withers Calum Best's great grandfather is Scottie Best

Calum Best's former step-grandparents:

Calum Best's former step-grandfather is Adrian Pursey Calum Best's former step-grandmother is Cheryl Pursey

Calum Best's uncles and aunts:

Calum Best's aunt is Carol McPherson Calum Best's aunt is Barbara McNarry Calum Best's aunt is Julia Nixon Calum Best's aunt is Grace Campbell Calum Best's uncle is Ian Best Calum Best's uncle was Noel Janus Calum Best's aunt is Lyndy Janes

Calum Best's cousins:

Calum Best's cousin is Samantha Womack

Calum Best's first cousins once removed:

Calum Best's first cousin once removed is Benjamin Womack Calum Best's first cousin once removed is Lily-Rose Womack

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