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George Best
Partners of 
George Best

Football Genius
George Best

George Best




Wednesday 22 May 1946


25 Nov 2005

George Best
Bio Details

Full name

George Best

Maiden name

Ronald Samuel Best





Date of birth

Wednesday 22 May 1946

Birth place

Royal Maternity Hospital, Belfast, Ireland

Date of death:

25 Nov 2005

Place of death

Cromwell Hospital, London, England, UK



Bar Owner

After Dinner Speaker

George played football for Manchester United and Northern Ireland
George ran the Slack Alice night club in Manchester and the Bestie's Bar at Hermosa Beach in California.
May 2015: George's original birth certificate emerged revealing that he was originally named Ronald Samuel Best.

George Best Siblings

Carol McPherson


Barbara McNarry


Julia Nixon


Grace Campbell


Ian Best


Partners of 
George Best

Alex Best


married 24 Jul 1995
divorce 2004

Mary Shatila


relationship began 1987
until Dec 1994

Mary Stavin


relationship began about Jun 1982
until about May 1983

Angie Best


1 child together

married 24 Jan 1978
divorce 1986

Marjorie Wallace


relationship began Feb 1974
until about Mar 1974

Siv Hederby

Broken Engagement

engaged from Jul 1970
until about 1970

Eva Haraldsted

Broken Engagement

engaged from Aug 1969
until Nov 1969

Susan George


dated from 1969

Dame Barbara Windsor

Brief Liaison

George Best Children

Calum Best

born 1981, age 38
with Angie Best

Playboy son of soccer legend George Best

George Best Partner(s) Other Children


George Best Family

George Best's parents:

George Best's father is Dickie Best George Best's mother was Ann Best

George Best's children:

George Best's son is Calum Best

George Best's former partners:

George Best had a brief liaison with Dame Barbara Windsor George Best dated Susan George George Best dated Sinead Cusack George Best's former wife is Alex Best George Best had a relationship with Mary Stavin George Best's former wife is Angie Best George Best dated Lynsey de Paul George Best had a relationship with Mary Shatila George Best had a relationship with Marjorie Wallace George Best is the former fiance of Siv Hederby George Best is the former fiance of Eva Haraldsted

George Best's siblings:

George Best's sister is Carol McPherson George Best's sister is Barbara McNarry George Best's sister is Julia Nixon George Best's sister is Grace Campbell George Best's brother is Ian Best

George Best's grandparents:

George Best's grandfather was George Withers George Best's grandmother is "Granny" Withers George Best's grandfather is Scottie Best

George Best's grandchildren:

George Best's granddaughter is Amelia Best

George Best's former in laws:

George Best's former father in law is Adrian Pursey George Best's former mother in law is Cheryl Pursey George Best's former sister in law is Jo Pursey George Best's former father in law is Joe Janes George Best's former mother in law is Mimi Janes George Best's former half-brother in law was Noel Janus George Best's former sister in law is Lyndy Janes

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