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Partners of 
Joan Grande
Joan Grande

Partners of 
Joan Grande

Eddie Butera


1 child together

until circa 2002

Victor Marchione


1 child together

Joan Grande
Bio Details

Full name

Joan Grande




Chief Executive Officer

CEO of telephone and alarm system company Hose-McCann Communications
Joan Grande

Joan Grande

Joan Grande Partner(s) Other Children

Joan Grande Children

Frankie Grande

born 1983, age 35
with Victor Marchione

Broadway musical actor and producer

Ariana Grande

born 1993, age 25
with Eddie Butera

American Teen Idol Singer


Joan Grande Family

Joan Grande's parents:

Joan Grande's father was Frank Grande Joan Grande's mother is Marjorie Grande

Joan Grande's children:

Joan Grande's son is Frankie Grande Joan Grande's daughter is Ariana Grande

Joan Grande's former partners:

Joan Grande had a relationship with Eddie Butera