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Partners of 
Fran Macpherson
Fran Macpherson

Partners of 
Fran Macpherson

Neil Macpherson


married after 1964

Peter Gow


3 children together

Fran Macpherson
Bio Details

Full name

Francesca Macpherson

Also known as

Fran Gow



Mother of Elle 'The Body' Macpherson
Fran Macpherson

Francesca Macpherson

Fran Macpherson Partner(s) Other Children

Fran Macpherson Children

Brendan Gow

with Peter Gow

Brother of Supermodel Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson

born 1964, age 54
with Peter Gow

Australian Supermodel dubbed 'The Body'

Mimi Macpherson

born 1967, age 51 (approx.)
with Peter Gow

Younger Sister of Supermodel Elle Macpherson


Fran Macpherson Family

Fran Macpherson's children:

Fran Macpherson's daughter is Elle Macpherson Fran Macpherson's son is Brendan Gow Fran Macpherson's daughter is Mimi Macpherson

Fran Macpherson's current partners:

Fran Macpherson's husband is Peter Gow

Fran Macpherson's former partners:

Fran Macpherson's former husband is Neil Macpherson

Fran Macpherson's grandchildren:

Fran Macpherson's grandson is Flynn Busson Fran Macpherson's grandson is Aurelius Busson

Fran Macpherson's former in laws:

Fran Macpherson's former son in law is Jeff Soffer Fran Macpherson's former son in law is Gilles Bensimon